ARIVE's email, phone, and text buttons provide you with a seamless means of communication with your borrower. This convenience is achieved by integrating with third-party apps that are already available on your computer. 

Mac Users

For Mac users, the phone and text buttons are automatically routed to FaceTime and Messages on Mac, respectively. The email button may or may not be routed. To ensure proper routing, please follow these instructions:

Make sure that the email app you want to use is already installed, then follow these steps.

1. Open the Mail app.

2. From the Mail menu in the menu bar, choose Settings (or Preferences).* 

3. Click General.

4. Choose an email app from the “Default email reader” pop-up menu. If you don't see your email app in the menu, choose Select from the menu, then select your email app from the file dialog that opens.

To change settings in Mail, you must first have added an email account in Mail. If you don't want to do that, open the other mail app that you want to use, then check it's settings for a similar way to set the default email reader.

Windows Users

For Windows users, all communication buttons may need to be configured in the Windows settings. Follow these steps: 

1. In the search bar (found on your PC taskbar), type "default apps" and click on the app when it appears.

2. In the search bar below "Set a default for a file type," search for "mailto" and link this to your desired email app.

3. Now search for "tel" and link this to your desired call app

Note: The SMS button is not usable for Windows users at this time, as Windows does not offer the option to link it to a third-party app.