HOT-15382 Pennymac TPO Lender is now on ARIVE Market Place.

Pennymac TPO is now part of ARIVE Market Place as an Integrated Lender. Pennymac approved Brokers in ARIVE can now access their top-notch products and competitive pricing.

HOT-13060 Filter loan by loan status date.

We have provided an option to filter Loan Pipeline by status date. 

The status filter will show results based on the loan's current status falling on the selected date range and milestone.

HOT-14147 Analyze custom column fields in Pipeline reports and performance improvements.

A new attribute "POS custom question" has been added to the Pipeline reports.

HOT-14508 Show preview option for email templates.

We added a preview button in email templates to view email changes.

HOT-15034 Clone loan: Mark the product as not Eligible

During the loan cloning process, we will designate the applied product as ineligible. The system will request users reprice the loan after cloning if a product is applied in parent loan file.

HOT-14738 Allow creating margin rules for "Invite sent" LO.

We have introduced the ability to create margin rules for invited Loan Officers who have not yet logged into the ARIVE system.


HOT-14636 Do not show $0 for "Originator compensation", Lender Holdback and "Other Adjustment" fields on the Audit and date section.

We will display "-" instead of $0 for Originator compensation, Lender Holdback and Other Adjustment when no amount is present for them.

HOT-13819 Fee type is coming NULL when imported via smart fee.

Fixed: Fee type is coming NULL when imported via smart fee.