Major Feature Enhancements

Lead Revamp. (HOT-9682) 

Revamped Leads with new design and new features as :

  • Added new fields in Lead Details similar to Loan & Property info. 
  • Provided an option to add system and custom tags in leads.
  • Added new Note features in leads.
  • Added option to log activities in the lead as Log Activity.
  • Provided an option to upload documents in leads similar to Loan.
  • Revamped lead pipeline for better design and features
  • Multiple pipelines are added on the lead pipeline like Status, Tags, Assignee and more filters.
  • Provided an option to copy all existing documents and quotes while converting a lead to a Loan.
  • Lead Management - The user can create custom tags from lead management under company settings.

Lead Pipeline - New Filters, Tags, Notes

Lead Detail - Lead Info, Notes, Documents, Log Activity

Lead Management - How to add custom tags ?


POS configuration: POS App config, POS Themes and Compliance Info. (HOT-6197)

POS App Config

  • Provided an option to add pos config at user, company and Branch level. 
  • At the company level, users can edit POS Menu, Configure Additional questions and edit Domain settings.
  • At the Branch level, users can edit POS Menu and edit Domain settings.
  • At the User level, users can only edit POS Menu.


POS Themes (Pro Plan)

  • Users are now able to customize POS pages and Thank You message text after POS App Submission at Company and Branch levels.
  • At the company level user is able to customize Create an account, Sign In and Thank You messages.
  • At the Branch level, the theme is derived from the company but users can customize it as per need.

Compliance Info

  • Compliance info is moved from the POS App config and a separate setting is created. 
  • Only Company Admin users can add, and edit the Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Disclosures, Credit Consent and E- consent.

Users can add an option in Non-Del Settings to allow the loan officer to choose a channel from the loan file. (HOT-12363)

  • Provided an option for Company Admins to allow Loan officers to choose industry channels. 
  • Added a toggle in company settings, if enabled Loan Officer can select and price in any industry channel Brokered or Non-Del irrespective of the default configuration.

New Field "Credit Import Date" in Loan workflow Data. (HOT-995)

New Field "Credit Import Date" is added in the Loan workflow and Audit and Dates view. The credit Import Date is equal to the credit Ordered date except not in the following two conditions:

  • In the case of credit Reissue that is a credit file is imported instead of a fresh credit full.
  • Soft Pull: Credit import date is set to null in case of Soft pull.

Call Reports: Change of Circumstances recorded for call reports. (HOT-6247)

Added a new Field AC065 in call reports which will record Loan Amount changes between the start of the quarter and the end of the quarter.  

Disclosure Updates

  • Support disclosure e-sign cancellation 
  • Show an error message on disclosure and COC if the applied product is not valid.
  • Show warning on disclosure setup if company/branch address is missing for a Non Del Loan


AUS Updates

  • Allow user to enter case ID manually while running DU/LPA
  • Allow users to change submission type even for final submitted case ids. A warning will be shown if the user changes the type from Final to Interim/Prelim.
  • We will show credentials(Username and Ownership) being used while running DU/LPA on AUS screen.