HOT-15177 Enable dragging for the rename document dialogue in the doc preview 

As an enhancement, we have enabled dragging for rename documents for the following places:

Client Needs: Document preview > Rename Document 

Conditions: Document preview > Rename Document

Document: Document preview > Rename Document

HOT-15161 Loan & Property - Round the base loan amount to the lowest dollar amount (Floor the Value)

The Earlier Round off function which rounds the base loan amount is now updated to round the base loan amount to the lowest floor value. 

Example :  

459000.67 -> 459000

348765.49 -> 348765

HOT-15093 Loan & Property Info: Assign default value Single Family (1-4 Units) in LOS and equivalent value 'Single Family Detached' in PPE  to Property type.

While creating a Loan(Manual/Import) default Property Type will be assigned to "Single Family Detached" if not provided.

HOT-15052 Changes in Main Menu.

The pipeline menu is updated into two separate menus, Loan and Lead for better user experience.

HOT-14885 Handling of Lender Credit Cure amount.

In previous releases, Lender credits were inclusive of Cure Amount, but now Lender Credits will be displayed as sum of Lender credits and Lender Cure amount.

Also added the Cure Amount attribute in Lender credit.

HOT - 14312 Populate the total loan amount on the fee sheet instead of the base loan amount for FHA loans.

For FHA and VA Cash-Out Type 1 (Refinance) loans, we will show Total Loan Amount and TLTV on Quotes/IFW/Portfolio.

HOT-15042 First-time homebuyer value should copy over from LOS to PPE.

The first-time homebuyer will be checked in PPE if the primary borrower declarations are marked as:

Will you occupy the property as your primary residence  - YES

Have you had an ownership interest in another property in the last three years? - NO

HOT-15016 Esign for Loan Applicants will be visible in the Arive Loan Estimate form for Refinance loans.

Fixed: E-sign for Loan applicants will be visible in Arive Disclosure forms (Loan Estimate) for Refinance loans.