SMS and Email Templates Updates (HOT-12916)

Introducing a new design for Email templates and added support for SMS using Twillo.

New Feature: SMS 

  • Added support for SMS via Twillo (separate subscription required). 
  • SMS support was added for Loan Status and Loan Trackers templates. 
  • SMS is limited to plain text with a max of 500 characters and can only have "To" recipients (no "Cc")
  • SMS Tracker: SMS trackers will list all text messages being sent to the system just like emails.
  • SMS can be configured using Twillo at Org, Branch and user level(Loan Officers Only). An option in the company setting can control user-level Twillo configuration.
  • SMS recipients can be controlled at four levels Setup and Contacts, Loan Status change pop-up, Audit and Dates and Loan Centre (Tracker pop-up)
  • Users can disable/enable SMS Alerts at any point in time from the SMS template configuration.

NOTE: If Twillo configurations are made at the company/branch level then brokers users will be sending SMS via company configured number if they have not configured their personal Twillo configuration. Similarly, Indivisual Twillo configuration can be done at user level or the company admin can assign specific Twillo number to any Loan Officer.

SMS config is only available for Company Admin, Branch Admin and Loan Officer.  It is a part of our Core plan.

Company AdminUser Setting > Y
Company Setting > Y
User Setting > N
Company Setting > Y
User Setting > N
Company Setting > Y
User Setting > N
Company Setting > Y
Branch AdminUser Setting > Y
Branch Setting > N
User Setting > N
Branch Setting > Y
User Setting > N
Branch Setting > Y
User Setting > N
Branch Setting > Y
LOUser Setting > YUser Setting > YUser Setting > YUser Setting > Y
LOA/ProcessorUser Setting > YUser Setting > NUser Setting > YUser Setting > Y

Email Template Updates

  • The email Template screen is redesigned, and email notifications are regrouped but no changes in the list of notifications.
  • Default email templates should use "Borrower name" in the subject.
  • Added feature to enable/disable Email from settings.
  • We will be showing details of users who updates email/sms template.
  • For default templates, we will show "System Default".
  • Added two new email templates 
    • Initial CD sent (Loan Trackers)
    • Send UW Client Conditions (Trigger when Loan status is moved to UW)

NOTE: For Invite/Verification/Invite Lead/Public e-sign templates user will not allow to disable these templates.

Disclosures and Readonly / CoC Process Revamp. (HOT-13541)

In the previous implementation, COC was driven via Read-only configuration from company setting. With the current release COC will be independent of Read-only configuration and will be applicable on meeting the below conditions on a loan file :

  • Org should be Non-Del.
  • The loan should be in Disclosed status 
  • LE/Initial Disclosure should be generated.

Other COC updates:

  • To generate disclosures loan should be in Loan Setup or further status.
  • On generating an Initial Disclosure loan will be automatically updated to Disclosed Status.
  • COC will be applicable between Loan Status Disclosed to Clear to Close.
  • Disclosures will be Archived on moving back from Disclosed or later status but will be available in the Document section.
  • Once a loan is moved to Disclosed status, Industry Channel will be disabled.
  • Once CD is generated COC will not be applicable on loan anymore.

Attach e-sign/document need documents to a linked condition. (HOT-13886)

As an enhancement now we will be showing documents of e-sign and doc requested need to a linked condition.

Additionally we will be showing documents in esign needs.

Add a reference to the note added. (HOT-13034)

Added references to notes showing for which component they are added like Task, Needs, Conditions etc.

Keyboard Shortcut for New Notes System (HOT-12728)

Provided an option to open notes using the N key.

Show Recent Loans in Global Search (HOT-12359)

Similar to the dashboard, recent loans will be displayed on opening global search.

Recent Loans will only be visible when no search is performed and global search popup is open.

Archived loans will not be shown on the Recent Loan section.

Populate CD related Dates on Audit and Dates Section (HOT-13958)

Populate the following Closing Disclosure related dates on the Audit and Dates screen whenever we are signing/sending the Closing Disclosure document.

  • Initial CD Sent 
  • Most Recent CD Sent 
  • Initial CD Signed 
  • Most Recent CD Signed

Support to store DocMagic Disclosure Product (HOT-13094)

As an enhancement users need not to select the product again while generating the following packages if the product is already selected while generating one of the disclosure packages.

  • Loan Estimate 
  • Initial Disclosure 
  • CoC
  • Closing Disclosure 
  • Pre Closing Package

Enforce users to integrate their emails. (HOT-13585)

  • A banner message "Connect your mailbox to reduce spam and improve deliverability" in case user mail is not connected. 
  • Clicking on banner message will redirect user to mail configuration screen.

AZ Prequalification - Expiration date to auto-populate to 120 days after the credit report was pulled (HOT-6146)

Updated the expiration date in Pre Qualification letter to 120 days after the credit report is pulled.

Remove duplicate NMLS validation and show a warning message on UI when adding Manual lender. (HOT-14149)

Allowed users to add duplicate Manual Lenders with any Name or NMLS but Name and NMLS combination should be unique from the already added system or integrated lenders.

Allow sending LoanOriginationCompany in FHA loans for LPA as well (HOT-14902)

While running AUS for FHA loans if no lender information is available then the system will send sponsor Origin EIN to LPA as Loan Origination Company.

FHA Loan -> Limit Accessory Dwelling Unit Count to max 3 (HOT-14886)

Users will only be able to update a single-digit value in the Accessory Dwelling Unit count. The maximum value allowed is 3. The system will throw an error if the user tries to enter a value more than 3.


Minor Fixes: Pos app config UI fixes and modification on add answer options functionality (HOT-14552)

Fixed: Registration export issue (HOT-14478)

Fixed: Allow to add logo for Realtor Portal in Company Settings and display them same in Realtor Portal. (HOT-13178)

Fixed: Allow "Not In" condition for non-del margin rules. (HOT-10449)