HOT-14805 - Recording Fees UpdatesWe added two new fees under recording fee types:
  • Recording Fees - Municipal Lien
  • Recording Fees - Other
Additionally, we updated descriptions for two more fees:
  • Assignment Recording Fee → Recording Fees - Assignment
  • Subordination Recording Fee → Recording Fees - Subordination

HOT-14804 - Transfer Tax Itemization

We added six fees under the Transfer Taxes fee type, while names, section type and MISMO names of fees are changed.

  • The changed names, section type and MISMO names in fees are as follows:

NameMISMO Name / Fee TypeSection Type
City Tax Stamp - DeedTaxStampForCityDeedTAX_AND_GOVT
City Tax Stamp - MortgageTaxStampForCityMortgageTAX_AND_GOVT
County Tax Stamp - DeedTaxStampForCountyDeedTAX_AND_GOVT
County Tax Stamp - MortgageTaxStampForCountyMortgageTAX_AND_GOVT
State Tax Stamp - DeedTaxStampForStateDeedTAX_AND_GOVT
State Tax Stamp - MortgageTaxStampForStateMortgageTAX_AND_GOVT

HOT-14784 - Limit Universal Search to 50 characters

Validated 50 characters limit for universal search by typing and pasting via super admin, LOS, and BS role.

HOT-14832 - Update the "Originator Compensation" to "Broker Compensation" for broker companies on the "Audit & Dates" and Edit rate pop-up.

Updated ‘Originator Compensation' to ‘Broker Compensation for Brokered Loans/Org.
Note: The label for Non-del loans is not changed; 'Originator Compensation’ will be displayed.




HOT-14937 - Realtor Portal: DTI error is shown even though DTI is well within the range
DTI Qualified check will run only the "Always re-run Pricing & Eligibility for Scenario Qualification" when the flag is set to true. In such a case, product DTI will always come and no DTI check calculation will be done against the default DTI Ratio.

HOT-14892 - Borrower Rent added from pos is getting doubled in LOS.
DTI issue fixed for duplicate rental income added via POS.

HOT-14798 - In the setup and contact tab if we try to print the contacts email is not getting published.
The Contact Email now publishes.

HOT-14404 - Smart Fees - Data Sanity
Incoming service provider contact numbers from the smart fee is validated for proper phone number formatting

HOT-14107 - MI populating incorrect
MI status are now the same for System/ Manual in Housing Expense and Review Fee.