HOT-14227 - Allow user to add Lender holdback and other Adjustments for revenue calculations for Non-Del. (Staging/Prod)

  • Added two new fields Lender Holdback and Other Adjustment in MCR under Audit and Dates for revenue calculation.

HOT-14023 - Sync origination compensation from the review fee screen with the Audit and Dates section.(Staging/Prod)

  • Originator compensation is now shown on the MCR audit screen and is in sync with the review fee.

HOT-13256 - Allow company Admin/ Primary Loan Officer to see/update note amount history.


  • Provided an option to the Company Admin/ Primary Loan officer to update the Loan Amount for previous quarters in order to get proper calculation in AC065 (Net changes in application) for call reports.

HOT-14367 - Loan & Property: Option to round of base Loan Amount.

  • Provided an option to round off the Loan Amount in case we have cents in the calculation.

HOT-14533 - Send notification when a new lead is created in the system.

  • We now send a notification to users when a new lead is created from LOS or POS via public lead URL.
  • We will not send a lead notification email to the login user who is creating a lead in LOS.
  • Added a notification template in Setting > Templates > Lead Notification with the name "Notify when New Lead Added".

HOT-11018 - Invalidate Credit Report and allowed users to switch across 1003.

  • Provided an option to switch borrowers across 1003 after the credit report is pulled.
  • The application will invalidate the credit report if users swap borrowers after the credit is pulled. Users are requested to order credit again after the borrower swap.

HOT-14616 - Allow the system to send docs and e-sign needs in a single email.

  • Users are now allowed to send document needs and e-sign together on a single click.

HOT-14368 - Remove Rate Set Date from Rate Lock pop-up and naming updates

  • We have removed Rate Set Date from the Rate Lock pop-up.
  • Added new field Rate Published on Apply product pop-up.
  • Updated Appx Funds to Close -> Est Funds to Close.
  • Updated Appx Mortgage Proceeds -> Est Mortgage Proceeds.


Fixed: HOT-14800 - Credit import date should not be updated on subsequent credit pulls if the value is already present.