To generate Pipeline Reports, click the Reports tab at the top of the screen and click Pipeline Reports.

Pipeline Reports allow you to generate a list of loan files that meet certain criteria.

Select from the available filter dropdowns to determine which loans are included in the report. It is generally suggested to keep this broad and use Excel's filtering functions to sort and filter after you have exported the report.

Loan Property States, LendersBe aware that if you have anything but "All" selected, any loan file without a State or Lender set will not appear in the report.

Date Field: This field chooses which date field the report will be sorted by and which date the Start Date and End Date parameters will apply to. If "All" is selected, this will default to "Date Created". Loans without a date for the selected Date Field will not appear in the report.

Attributes: This determines which data columns appear in the report.

Once you have configured the filters the way you want them, click Generate.

After your report has generated, click Export Report to export it as a .csv file, and open it in Excel (or your spreadsheet editor of choice). Then you can use Excel's built-in Sort & Filter functionality to filter and sort the report as necessary.