Create, filter, and export Pipeline Reports in ARIVE.


Access Pipeline Reports

• Click on the Reports tab in the top blue menu bar. 

• Select Pipeline Reports from the dropdown menu.

Create a New Report
• Click the blue +New Report button at the top right corner.

• Enter a name for your report.
• Choose its visibility:

   • Me Only

   • Branch: Accessible to all Branch members.

   • Company: Accessible to everyone in your Company.

Add Filters

Click the green +Add Filters button.

Select the conditions for filtering your report.

   • Tip: Opt for broader parameters and use Excel's filtering capabilities for detailed sorting post-export.

Important: For Loan Property States & Lender, selecting anything other than "All" means loan files without a specified State or Lender won't appear in the report. 

Manage Report Attributes

• Click on the Manage button on the right side of your screen.
• Choose the attributes you want to include in or exclude from your report.
• Click on the Update button.

Here's a helpful video guide on managing report attributes:

Save Your Report

• After setting you filters and attributes, click the blue Add Report button in the upper right.

• Your report is now saved and added to your reports list.

Export Your Report

• Once the report is saved, click on the Export button.

• Save the report as a .csv file and open it in Excel or your preferred spreadsheet editor.

Manage Your Report

• To edit, copy, export, or delete a report, hover your mouse over the report name and click on the three dots.

Adjusting Filters and Attributes Post-Generation:

For filters: Click on the Filters Applied section in the generated report view. This expands the filters sections for editing.
For attributes: Click on the Manage button on the right side of the screen.