Any time that you receive an error message that begins with "invalid_grant" such as in the example above, this is caused by a system-generated email failing to send as a result of a disconnected email integration. This can happen in any situation that involves a system-generated email being sent, including but not limited to:

  • Adding a new user to your company
  • Inviting a borrower to the borrower portal
  • Sending client needs
  • Changing a loan's status
  • many more

Usually, but not always, it is your own email integration that is disconnected. Go to your User Settings > Email Integrations and ensure that your email integration is showing as successfully connected. If it says it must be reconnected, click the button to reconnect it.

In some cases, the failed email may be sending from a different user's email integration. Most often, this is encountered if you are sending an email associated with a loan file but you are not the Primary Loan Officer on the file, and the email is being sent from the user who is the Primary Loan Officer on the file. In this case, that user will need to go into their User Settings > Email Integrations and fix their email integration.