HOT-13347 - Capture Tax Transcript data for IVES-4506C Disclosure Form.

We added fields for capturing Tax Transcript data for IVES-4506C Disclosure Form.

  • Tax Transcript forms can be added from the left panel. Disclosures → Tax Transcript
  • Different types of tax transcripts can be added for the last 4 years for Borrowers and Businesses with different forms available
  • The borrower has the option for a joint return and can add the name of their Spouse
  • SSN and the current address is pre-populated from the Borrower info and Financial info section
  • For the Business, the user can add the employer id and the previous address(Business name and current address is pre-populated)
  • IVES form is generated in the Initial Disclosure for each transcript added

NOTE: We need to add IVES participant details in Company/Branch settings in order to generate correct transcripts.

HOT-13710 - Company/Branch Setting: Capture IVES Participant.

We added IVES participants to the organization and branch info. All the details filled in this section will be visible in the IVES form generated in Initial Disclosure after adding the tax transcript.

HOT-13447 - Add Tabs as Anchor Tags in Loan & Property under Loan Details similar to what we do in Borrower Info.

We updated Loans & Property with a Tabular design.   Users can now view the three tabs: Loan Info, Property Info and Title Info.


HOT-13710 - Disclosure Forms: Change the name of CALIBER lender to Newrez Wholesale.

We updated the Caliber Lender name to Newez Wholesale in disclosure forms.

HOT-13710 - Message option is showing up in the email preview for sending loan needs[Multiple borrowers]

Removed the message field in send Client Needs email Preview.



Looking forward to hearing your feedback.



Team Arive