HOT-13657 - Allowed leading zero for FHA Lender Id

Users can now save FHA Lender IDs starting with a zero.

HOT-13617 - PPE: Enable DTI fields in loan context

Minor enhancement to enable editing fields on the DTI pop-up on the PPE view.

HOT-13691 - Fixed: Payment Information Syncing Issues on Zapier

Fixed an issue related to Pro Plan Payment and seat assignment that was leading to an "Invalid credential" error on ZAPIER.

HOT-13681 - Fixed: Users are not able to save the manufacturer's home width type.

Users can now save changes to width type for a manufactured home on loan and property.

HOT-13278 - Handle Property Valuation in MISMO Import
Fixed an issue causing ERROR "processing Request cannot read property 'Propvaldetail' of undefined" when applying any product due to MISMO import.

HOT-13238 - DU Error: TFM IDs validation failed for Transaction ID

Fixed an issue causing DU Error “Loan Application processing returned an error: Response was code 123320: TFM IDs validation failed for Transaction ID: T100099-002.” when importing the MISMO XML file.

HOT-13044 - LPA Error: Veteran status must be True

Users can now run LPA for Veteran when borrower is set as "Currently retired, discharged or separated from service". 



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