Our Mortgage Quote comparison feature is great for generating visually appealing quote comparisons to share with borrowers, but did you know that you can do more than just compare different products? You can actually compare entirely different loan scenarios!

After you've ran pricing for your first scenario and checked the box to add a product to the comparison, click anywhere in the loan info bar above the product list to expand it. Then you can adjust the loan amount, mortgage type, term, and many other things to whatever you want the second scenario to be, and click Re-Price.

When you get the pricing results, you will see the Compare button indicating that you still have a product added to it--the one you added from the previous scenario!

You can then check the box to add one of the new product options as well, and click Compare to compare the different scenarios and products! Remember that you can compare up to 3 products at once, so you can set up a different scenario for each one!