There are a variety of errors that can occur when entering or updating your payment method, or when renewing or purchasing your subscription.

Important: There is nothing that our support team or billing specialists can do to resolve payment errors. They are all the result of either information being entered incorrectly, or the card issuer refusing to process the transaction. This must be resolved by you, and/or your card issuer.

If you have already contacted your card issuer and are still experiencing issues, please email

Errors When Entering Payment Card Info 

Gateway rejected: avs

The error message "Gateway rejected: avs" means that the billing address you are entering into ARIVE does not match the address that your card issuer has on file for you. You must call your card issuer, or use a different card.

Gateway rejected: Fraud

The error message "Gateway rejected: Fraud" means that your payment card has been flagged as likely fraudulent by our payment processor's automatic fraud protection system. There are a wide variety of possible reasons, but our agents have no way to determine the cause. You must use a different payment card.

Payment method could not be created: Processor Declined

The error message "Payment method could not be created: Processor Declined" indicates that your card number is invalid. Please make sure you are entering the card number correctly.

Errors When Making Payment 

If your subscription renewal fails, it will show Payment Error next to the attempted transaction in your Plans and Billing screen (see below). You can mouse over the info icon to the right to see the Status Code of the declined payment.

The following is a list of the most common decline codes. Regardless of the code, the solution is always the same: You must contact your card issuer, or change your payment method.