There are a variety of reasons why a payment may fail to process when you are renewing or purchasing a subscription.

If you receive the error message Gateway rejected: avs. when you are purchasing a subscription or updating your method of payment, this indicates that the billing address you are entering into ARIVE does not match the address that your card issuer has on file for you.

Please note that there is nothing that our support team or even our billing specialists can do to resolve payment errors. They are all the result of either information being entered incorrectly or the card issuer refusing to process the transaction, and we have no ability to correct this. They must be resolved by you and/or your card issuer.

If your subscription renewal fails, it will show Payment Error next to the attempted transaction in your Plans and Billing screen. You can mouse over the info icon next to it to see the Status Code of the declined payment. The following is a list of the most common decline codes. Regardless of the code, the solution is always the same: You must contact your card issuer.