In the My Teams tab of User Settings, Loan Officers can add Third Party Processors so they will automatically be assigned to their new loans.

Click the Manage button, select the Contract Processors tab, and click Invite Processor.

Type in the processor's email address. If they have a Third Party Processor account set up with ARIVE, their information will automatically populate and you will be able to click Add to my Team. If they do not have an account with ARIVE, you will be able to click Send Invite to send them an email inviting them to sign up.

It is important to note that adding someone to your team will not retroactively add them to pre-existing loans, only to new loans going forward. If you want to assign someone you have added to your team to all of your existing loans, click Mass User Assignment and select that user. If you want to selectively assign them to only some of your existing loans, you can do that through the Setup & Contacts tab of the loan.

For a video walkthrough, click here.