Major Feature Enhancements

Add new roles in the Setting. (HOT-12072) 

  • We added four new Additional roles into the system which will behave as Loan Admin.
  • These roles will have access to all the loans in the company and branches but are not allowed to make any changes in the company setting.
  1. Disclosure Desk
  2. Lock Desk
  3. Funder 
  4. Payroll

Make Loan Read only when Loan Stage is Funded/Adverse. (HOT-12151)

  • Added an option(toggle) in a company setting to make Funded and Adverse Loans Read only for all users except Company/Branch Admin.
  • Non-Admin users won't be able to make any changes in 1003, Documents, Needs, Pricing, Review Fee, Condition, Disclosure forms, Audit and Dates, AUS, Credit Order and other parts in the loan file when this toggle is enabled in the company setting.
  • By default, this toggle will remain closed and the user needs to enable it to make Funded and Adverse Loans Read Only for Non-Admin users.

Borrower: Added Homeownership Education & Housing Counselling (HE/HC) and Language Preference support for Borrower. (HOT-9711)

In Borrower Basic Details added the following option to collect data related to HE/HC and Language Preference as:

  • Homeownership Education and Housing Counselling
  • Language Preferences

Loan Pipeline: Added Lead source filter (HOT-12097)

Lead source filter option added on loan pipeline in more filters to get a loan based on particular lead source value.

Additional Fixes

System Processing Error sending an invitation to the borrower: "Invalid To header" (HOT-12406)

The issue in the HCLTV calculation (HOT-12288)

The borrower paid buydown fee is not printing on IFW (HOT-12280)

Cash to close incorrect on UI for quotes (HOT-12257)

Quote showing incorrect LTV (HOT-10030)