Major Feature Enhancements

LOS: Contract Processor Support  (HOT-1070)

Added the support for Brokers to work with third-party contract processors.

We can only add primary contract processors to a Loan.

We cannot have secondary contract Processors.


1. Loan Officers can add contract processors to their company by sending invites from My Team under the User Settings

  1. If the user already exists in the Arive system, i.e., already registered with Arive via the Processing Company, he/she will be automatically added to the team.
  2. If the user does not exist in the Arive system, he/she will receive an email with Arive signup information for the company to register with Arive.
    The next steps are for the company's Administrator to either register with Arive and add the invited processor or just add the invited user if the company is already registered.

2. Once a contract processor is added to the team of a Loan Officer, he/she can start working on a loan.

  1. A contract processor can be added to a loan
    1. During loan creation
    2. Mass User Assignment from User Settings > Team Management
    3. Loan > Setup and Contacts

Note: There can only be one Primary Contract Processor in a loan file. 

Documents > Documents responsive & refactoring. (HOT-12066)

  1. Document view is revamped to work on mobile devices.
  2. Users are now able to perform all operations via mobile devices.
  3. Users should be able to perform actions like Upload, Add New, Delete, Approve, and Reject operations on any loan document.

Note: Responsive behaviour is only supported for mobile devices. iPad/Tab designs are in progress.

POS: Consent for co-borrower (HOT-12144)

Added option to get consent to do business electronically and Agree to give Authorization to Order Credit and verify Financial History from co-borrower in case primary borrower submits the application and vice versa.

Buy-down Calculator in LOS and PPE (HOT-11591)

  1. Added Buy-down calculator on LOS & PPE screen which reflect the details about applied Buy-down, Rate & Payment structure and cost saving.
  2. Seller Paid Buydown will be added as Fee in Review Fee and Lender Paid Buydown will be shown as Adjustment.

DU v 8.1.3 changes (HOT-9724)

  1. FHA Info: A new field "Positive Rental Income" was added to the FHA info view for FHA loans only. This user-entered field can have the value either Yes or No.
  2. Loan & Property: "Width Type" option is only shown when "Construction Method" is selected as 'Manufactured'.
  3. Loan & Property: A new field was added as "Condo Project Manager ID"
  4. Loan & Property: "Improvement, Renovation & Repair" field is mandatory if the user selects Renovation.

Show and capture the Lender branch while running LPA (HOT-11280)

  1. Provided an option to users to add branch code while running LPA.
  2. Only 8 characters are allowed for branch codes.

Add the Date and Time of rates pulled on the "Products & Pricing" and "Loan Centre" 

screen. (HOT-11519)

The Date and Time of the rate pulled are to be displayed on the 'Product & Pricing' and 'Loan Centre' screens.

Additional Fixes

Fixed: Lender fees are being overwritten with other lender fees on re-price (HOT-12128)

Fixed: Not able to generate docMagic disclosures when multiple escrow agents are present on a loan (HOT-12158)