Major Feature Enhancements

Configuration to disable 1003/Fees Edits after certain Loan Status (HOT-6825)

  • Company Admin's & Branch Admin's are  allowed to disable loan edits based on Loan status by configuring specific status and user roles from company setting under Restrict Loan Edits.
  • Users need to goto Organization Settings and enable these readonly status settings.
  • All the ongoing POS applications will be submitted once a loan goes into locked status.
  • At any point of time readonly users can still forcefully edit the loan and make changes. Loan team will be notified when that happens.
  • Only fees and 1003 are made readonly. Users will be allowed to move status, send doc only invite, Client Needs, Conditions, Documents, Generate Disclosures and Internal forms, pricing, change loan status on such readonly Loan.
  • At any point of time only a single can edit locked loan.


Step 1: Enable Read Only configuration from company Setting.


Step 2: Read Only Loan & edit request flow

POS support for Broker Privacy policy, Terms of Use and Optional Texas Disclosure.(HOT-11586)

  • Brokers are now able to configure their own Privacy Policy, Terms of use and Texas Disclosure. These can be configured from LOS Company setting under POS Config screen.
  • Privacy Policy, Terms of User and Texas Disclosure will be available on POS Login, Sign Up, Forget Password, and inside loan Application on right panel.
  • Only Company Admins are allowed to configure Broker Privacy Policy, Terms of use and Texas Disclosure.
  • Branches will use parent org settings and Branch Admin can only view Broker Privacy Policy, Terms of use and Additional Disclosure.


Step 1: Configure Broker Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Texas Disclosure in LOS


Step 2Validate Privacy Policy, Terms of User & Disclosure changes in POS

Feature to save the IFW to documents section . (HOT-8133)

Initial Fee Worksheet will be saved in Document section with classification as Misc Document and name as Initial Fee Worksheet (IFW) whenever user download or email a IFW from Review Fee section.

Demo: Download/Send IFW and validate document in Document section

Add a config to use DBA branding name in disclosure forms. (HOT-11658)

User are now able to use DBA Branding Name in Disclosure forms by enabling toggle "Use DBA Branding in Disclosure Forms" from Company Setting under DBA Branding Config.

Non-Del Enhancement: Generate CoC Disclosures (HOT-10062)

  • Allow a user to generate Change of Circumstance disclosure form once a loan is committed in COC session. The generated form will contain all fee changes and some key loan changes.
  • Loan Estimate/ Initial disclosure must be generated before generating a COC Disclosure.
  • Loan must be ready only before starting COC session. Read Only stage can be set from Company setting under Restrict Loan Edits.
  • By default configuration setting will be disable and user need to enable setting before generating COC Disclosure.


Step 1: Enable Read Only configuration from company Setting and generate initial Disclosure/LE.

Step 2: Create COC session and Disclose.

User Management: Capture Broker Owner (HOT-4425)

Admin users will be shown a pop up to select Broker Owner if no Owner is present in the company. 

POS Config - Additional questions configurable by Mortgage type. (HOT-7396)

Added support of Mortgage Type for creating Additional questions. These questions will be shown in LOS and POS.

Add Brokered & Non Del filter option on Loan Pipeline for Non Del Orgs. (HOT-11829)

Added a filter on Loan Pipeline to show  Brokered and Non Del Loans.

Show Lock Message on Lock Screen. (HOT-11505)

Added message on Rate Lock pop up as "Please make sure to lock the loan on Lender System, locking in ARIVE does not lock it in lender system".