Before you can send E-Signature Request client needs or create Custom Forms, you will need to set up E-Signing.

Go to the E-Signing tab found in your User Settings.

There are two options for E-Signing in ARIVE. You can link your existing DocuSign account to use it through ARIVE, or if you are subscribed to our Broker Pro plan you can use our built-in eSigning feature, ARIVE eSign.

Important: Our Third Party Processing account type also includes ARIVE eSign


To link your DocuSign account, click Authorize Access. You will then be taken to DocuSign and prompted to sign into your account.

Once you have done this, you will be brought back to ARIVE and you will see that your DocuSign account is now Authorized.


To use ARIVE eSign, once you have upgraded your subscription to Broker Pro simply click the button in the upper right corner here to enable it.

If you switch from DocuSign to ARIVE eSign (or vice versa), any Client Needs currently awaiting signatures will still use the setting you had chosen at the time you sent them. Newly generated needs will use your new setting.

To view the Certificate or History for a document signed with ARIVE eSign, click the More Options button beside the signed document in the Client Needs tab of a loan file. There you'll see the Download Certificate and View History options.

To view this for a document signed through DocuSign, you will need to log directly into your DocuSign account itself.

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