Major Feature Enhancements

Revamp Review Fee UI (HOT -11059)

Added support to capture "Fee Paid To" on UI for C section (Services Borrower can shop For) .

Enhanced UI to capture Prepaid and Escrow fees.

Added support to show Fee History.

Improved logic to calculate Prepaid Interest Fee calculation on basis of Funding / Closing Date.

Added K(Due from borrower at closing) and L(Paid Already by or on behalf of Borrower at closing) for Purchase Loans.

Added Split Fee option.

Handling Impound waiver scenarios (All waived).

Email Templates enabled at User (Loan Officer) and Branch Level. (HOT -10216)

Provided an option to configure Email Templates at Loan Officer and Branch Level similar to Client need rules.

Templates at user level will be of highest priority followed by branch and company.

Note: Not all email templates are available at user levels.

Reminder Emails : Allow updating email frequency at Company, Branch and User (Loan Officer) level. (HOT -10341)

Provided an option to configure Reminder Email frequency at Branch and Company level.

Templates at user level will be of highest preference followed by Branch and Company.

Allow company admin to disable System Lender pricing. (HOT -7987)

As a company admin user i shall be able to disable system lenders from main org or related branches from company or branch setting.

Disabled Lenders should not be shown in Pricing and other related screens.

Financial Info Employment gap fixes (HOT -10998)

We will show employment gaps for a borrower in case there is the difference between previous employment and current employment.

No gap will be shown in case end date of previous employment exceeds start date of current employment. 

Upload document design fixes (HOT -11466)

Improved UI/X for better usability 

All types filter moved to left. 

Add an option on document upload to select multiple documents and update classification at once.

Allow entering PAR rate when updating Lock Info (HOT -10087)

Added an option to add PAR rate from UI while entering lock information.

Add Lead provided by field in setup options (HOT -8396)

A new field is added in setup option "Lead Provided By" with options as Internet Marketing, Self-Source, Company-Provided and Others.

Added "Lead Provided By" in Pipeline Reports.

Buy-down should work for Compare Offer products (HOT -11358)

Provided an option to compare "Buydown" Products.

New fields "Buydown" is added in compare offer products.

Make existing forms editable in company settings by adding a clone option. (HOT -8086)

Provided an option to clone internal or existing forms so that users can make changes in existing forms.

LPA 5.2 Updates(HOT -11358)

Collect Deed restriction term months (HOT -10989)

Added a field "Deed Restriction Period" in case identifier is "Income Based Deed Restriction Terminate" for LPA offering on Loan & Property view.

LPA Support for energy related sections (HOT -10991)

Arive will send "EnergyRelatedImprovementsIndicator"( and "EnergyImprovementAmount"( tp LPA if LPA offering is GreenChoice.

LPA support for improvement, Renovation and Repairs. (HOT -10990)

We will be supporting improvement, Renovation and Repairs for LPA also.

New LPA offering to be added (HOT -10988)

As per LPA 5.2 updates we will now be supporting following LPA Offerings as:

  • Green CHOICE
  • CHOICE Renovation
  • Community Land and Trust
  • Income Based Deed Restrictions Terminate
  • Income Based Deed Restrictions Survive