Major Feature Enhancements

Allow HELOC, Buy-down and Construction support in LOS & PPE (HOT -10450)

Added support for HELOC mortgage type in LOS and PPE.

Added support for Buy-down products in LOS and PPE.

Added support for construction loans in LOS and PPE.

Duplicate / Clone Loan (HOT-4385)

Provided an option to create duplicate or clone loans. 

All 1003 details will be copied to clone loan from parent loan. 

Product/fee will only be copied if user selects copy fee option.

Only user uploaded documents will be copied from parent loan to clone loan.

Users are change subject property from available REO while clone loan operation.


Closed Loan Import (HOT-9529)

Provided an option to import closed loans through MISMO files.

Added a filter on loan pipeline as "Exclude Imported closed Loans".

User need to provide Loan Officer, App Intake Date, and Funded Date to import closed loans.

Support for VOA (vendor and report identifier) (HOT-7363)

Added support for Verification Report Type, Service Provider Type and Service Provider Reference Number while running AUS.

Non Del : Add Correspondent Lender Credit Fee(HOT-10090)

Provided an option to add to Add Correspondent Lender Credit Fee for Non Del Organization.

Pre-approval letter Templates: Loan officer, Branch, Company (HOT -10217)

Added support to view, edit, update pre approval template at Loan Officer, Branch, Company level.

Template at Loan officer level will of highest preference followed by Branch and Company.

Documents: Collect documents without registration/account setup. (HOT-4621)

Provided an option to collect documents from borrower(s) without creating a POS account using a dynamic link in context of a loan. 

Link can be shared with any one to get documents for a particular loan file.

Feature is only be available to pro plan users only.

Custom LOS logo (HOT-10451)

Provided an option for Pro Plan users (Company Admin) to set custom logo for their LOS and POS orgs.

Review Fees: User should be able to enter origination fee in percentage. (HOT - 10102)

User are allowed to enter origination fee in percentage.

Support Invalidate existing disclosure (HOT-9988)

Added an option to invalidate the existing disclosures before generating new of same type.

Adding Supplement Insurance while comparing quotes (HOT-6931)

Change: Hazard Insurance showing in Donut chart (Loan quotes) is now replaced with Insurances which is sum of Hazard Insurance and Supplemental Insurances.


PipeLine Report-> Add Credit Order Date Filter (HOT - 10094)

Added Credit Order Date filter on pipeline reports.


Capture One Real Estate Buyer and One Real Estate Seller Agent for Closing Disclosure (HOT-9218)

Provided an option to select Buyer and Seller Agent on Disclosure setup out of multiple agents on Loan File.

Show Invite accepted status for business contacts (HOT-10643)

Feature req-to view the file contacts in processing worksheet. (HOT-7307)

Conditions : Condition should be only from Loan Team excluding business contacts. (HOT-7634)

Update logic to remove the lock expiration notice when a loan reaches closed status (HOT-8099)