Document UI/UX update. (HOT-9783)

  • Revamped Documents UI/UX for better visibility and filtering options.
  • Folder structure created based on different categories.
  • "Commonly used" classification list will be shown for better selection. 
  • Add option to Approve/Disapprove Not Reviewed Documents.
  • Quality Control Category removed.

Call Reports : Save Previous quarter reports. (HOT-6248)

Provided an option to  save reports for a particular scenario(Quarter, Year & State).

User can save, download and delete saved reports.

Pipeline Reports: Added new fields to pipeline report. (HOT-6098 & HOT- 8525) 

Following fields are added to Pipeline report export as:

  • Appraiser Name
  • Appraiser Email
  • Appraiser Phone
  • Appraiser License
  • Pre Approval Expiry Date

Proposed Housing Expense : Calculated/Manual option added for Other Financing . (HOT-6609)

Added an option to calculate or manually enter other financing value in Housing Expense.

In case of calculated, 

Other Financing = Sum of monthly amount of Subordinate Liens(Non Existing) + Subject Property REO Re-Subordinate Liens. 

Zapier - API Updates. (HOT-9709,HOT-9886,HOT-9578,HOT-9038,HOT-9010,HOT-8663) 

  • "Get Loan Details API" - Lender Name will be available in Get Loan Details API - 9709

            Key : lenderName

  • New Trigger Event added in Arive - "Loan Trackers updated in Arive" - 9578

  •  "Get All Loans" & "Get Loan Details API" : Finance Fee will be available in get Loan Apis - 9038

  • "Get Loan Details API" - Will get Date of Birth (day of birth and month of birth) for maximum of 6 borrowers. - 9010

            Key : dayOfBirth & monthOfBirth


  • New Api added - "Update Key Dates" - Will update key dates. - Api will update Document Dates, TRID/Compliance Date, and Other Key Dates 

           Note: Credit Report Ordered, Credit Expiration, Est Funding Date wont be updated from Update Key Date                  Api. - 8663

  • Test Trigger will pull the latest Loan from top three - 9886
  • API will show only those whose LO has opted for Pro Plan. - 9038

Pre Approval - Show Pre-approval expiry date in letter with editable feature. (HOT-9688)

Add an option to update Pre Approval Expiry date in Pre Approval Letter.

Sort Employment in chronological order with primary record at the top . (HOT-9506)

Employment records will be sorted in chronological order now as:

Primary borrower Income record will always be at the top followed by other borrowers.

Employment Incomes will be shown first followed by other income.

For multiple employment income - sort income on basis of start date(latest at the top)

Provided an option to change client need Assignee . (HOT-9024)

Provided an option to change need Assignee.

Income type dropdown should be alphabetical in financial screen . (HOT-6540)

Income Type Drop down is sorted in alphabetical order as:

Base Employment and Military Employment income will be shown top.

Other Income types will sorted in alphabetical order.

Add "cancelled" to the list of available Appraisal status options . (HOT-8584)

Added cancelled option to Appraisal tracker.

Update e-sign colours to easily distinguish between borrower ,co-borrower and Loan officer fields. (HOT-8456)

Added different colour option to borrower, co-borrower and Loan officer signatures and Date signed fields.

Add a field and auto populate the last four digits if the borrower SSN to the VOE form. (HOT-6965)

Added last four digits of SSN to Request for verification of Employment (VOE).

Auto populate disclosure of notice - Affidavit of occupancy . (HOT-6962)

Auto populate Disclosure Notice form with respect to Subject property occupancy status.

Add contact name to VOE . (HOT-6895)

Contact Name and Address added to Verification of Employment form.

Needs: New options added as "Appraisal Payment" and "Mortgage Payoff" in needs section of a loan . (HOT-3802)

"Appraisal Payment" and "Mortgage Payoff" are added as default needs to request documents from the user.

Main User Level credential. (HOT-7963)

  • All User level credentials (AUS,Order Credit, Doc Magic, Doc-sign) will be maintain across branches if user switches from one branch to another Branch.

Give user option to cancel polling if AUS stuck . (HOT-6904)

Provided an alternate option to cancel AUS request if any how AUS requests are not completed and continue to poll.

Forms: Multiple dynamic tokens added. (HOT-9583) 

Additional tags added for Business contact Agents

Added tags for Real Estate Agents

Tag added for Improvement,Renovation and Repairs.

Additional tags added for Borrower, Property Address, Interest Rate, Loan Amount.

Tags added for various fees as Origination Fee Amount, Credit Report Fee Amount, Appraisal Fee Amount, HOA, HOA cert.

Tags added for Loan officer State License Number.

Email Template: Added information tags . (HOT-8982) 

Business Contact's Name, Email, Phone, Company Name, POS Co-branded Link, Profile Image & Address.


HOI Agent Name  =>  {{}}

HOI Agent Email  =>  {{}}

HOI Agent Phone  =>  {{}}

HOI Agent Company Name  =>  {{hoiAgent.companyName}}

HOI Agent POS Co-branded Link  =>  {{hoiAgent.cbPosLink}}

HOI Agent Profile Image  =>  {{{hoiAgent.profileImage}}}

HOI Agent Address  =>  {{hoiAgent.address}}

Fixed: VOE form is not populating employment data. (HOT-8469)

Fixed: Invalid Income warning for conventional and USDA loans in AUS(DU). (HOT-9930)

Fixed: FTC and cash to borrower value is not matching in Review Fee. (HOT-9767)

Fixed: MCR not populating property incase of more than 1 unit. (HOT-8406)

Fixed: URLA form mapping issues. (HOT-8278)