Before a Real Estate Agent can sign in to the Agent Portal, you need to send them an invitation.

First you'll need to enter them as a Business Contact.

At the top of the screen, mouse over the Contacts menu and click Business Contacts. Then click +Contact to add a new Business Contact.

After you've entered their info and saved it, click the "..." action menu on their line and click Send Invitation. This will open the email pane, and you can edit the invitation email before you send it if you wish.

Alternatively, you can invite them directly through the Setup & Contacts screen in the loan file. Add the Agent as a Business Contact for the loan (either creating a new contact, or choosing an existing one), then set their access level and Pre-Approval limits and send them an invitation.

The link within the email will prompt them to set up their password, and then they will be able to log into the Agent Portal!

After setting up their password, going forward they will access the Agent Portal via your company's Agent Portal URL which is customizable in the Realtor Config tab of your Company Settings. By default, this URL is, where "XXXX" is your Company NMLS number. Be aware that if you do customize this, the old URL will no longer work, so be sure to alert your Real Estate Agent partners to update their bookmarks.

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