Client Need Rule: Allow to configure Need rules at User, Branch & Company level. (HOT-6937, 6089,9027)

  1. Users (Loan Officers) will be able to create a new rule or customise an existing rule. 
  2. Branch Admins will be able to create a new rule or customise an existing rule.
  3. Branch Admins and users who have created their custom client need rules will have the ability to reset to the default company level rules.
  4. Whenever the logic to generate needs will run, system will check the rules in below order:-   First it will check whether primary loan officer has custom need rules. Then these will be used. If not, then system will look at branch level need rules and these will be used. If not, then company level need rules will be used to generate needs. 
  5. If the primary loan officer in the loan is changed and he has different set of need rules, System will not automatically change the generated needs. Users will need to click on regenerate needs again to get the needs according to the new loan officer.
  6. For User (Loan Officer), Client need Rules can be configured from User Setting > Client Need Rules
  7. For Branch Admins, Client need Rules can be configured from Branch Setting > Client Need Rules

Client Need Rule: Ability to re-use custom client needs in the loan file. (HOT-4798)

Users are now able to re use custom client needs later into loan file.

Client Need Rules: Document Signature option added as Need Rule. (HOT-5516, 7922)

Provided an option to create Document Signature as Client Need Rules.

Option will be applicable for Applicable Borrower(s), Main 1003 App, Main Primary Borrower.

Additional option updated for Document Upload and Inquiry type need rules as "Primary Borrower for every 1003 app".

Display linked needs in conditions view (HOT-7636)

Provided an option to link Needs with related conditions.

Note: It is only applicable for new needs , not valid for older needs.

POS: Ability to upload documents without tasks (HOT-4429)

Allow to upload documents in POS without task.  

Uploaded documents will be shown on POS document screen and will be mapped to loan.

Collect Nearest Living Relative on VA Loans in LOS (HOT-1182)

The VA requires all mortgage applicants to furnish a form designating a “nearest living relative". It's not a standardised, official VA form but rather a letter or lender generated form stating who the veterans family contact is in case the VA has lost touch with the borrower.

Disclosures: Added LSU’s (Loan Status Update form) into Arive Disclosures. (HOT-7790)

LSU’s (Loan Status Update form) to be uploaded into ARIVE to be available for all brokerages as Arizona Loan Status Update (LSU)

Allow branch level rules for Non-Del (HOT-6941)

Non Del Brokerages are now able to configure override rules for Branches.

Added more options for override rules as Loan Limit Types, Broker Rate Sheet/ Non-Del Rate Sheet & Branches.

Add Other Financing payments to donut chart on quote (HOT-8551)

Added Other Financing P&I as Other in Donut Chart while generating quote & IFW Pdf's.

Student Loan 5% of unpaid balance / 12 months calculation option (HOT-9308)

Enhanced Monthly Liability Payment calculator by adding one more option of calculated Payment to calculate monthly liability for Student loan as 5% of Unpaid Balances divided by 12 months.

Add loan limit type field for pre-approval letter and email template (HOT-9386)

Added Loan Limit token to differentiate between Conventional, High Balance and Jumbo products. Token will be available for Pre Approval and other email templates.

Add the co-borrower to the quotes vs only being addressed to the borrower. (HOT-6823)

Added an option to send Quotes to Co borrowers. Users can add "Co-Borrowers" token in email template and this will send email to all the co borrowers present in Loan File.

Pre-Approval letter signature and template tokens (HOT-5833)

Added an option to create custom Pre Approval Signatures for Pre Approval Letter. 

Custom Pre Approval Signature will only be available to Loan Officers under User Settings. Users can use custom Signature in Templates by adding token "pdfSignature".

Pricing > Move Fee-In Price button to top. (HOT-8981)

For better UI/UX moved "Fee-In Price" option to top Header.

Add Funded loan date on loan pipeline. (HOT-8735)

Added an option to show "Funded" date on Loan Pipeline.

Support DU Policy Feature Description. (HOT-7362 & HOT-9172)

As per new DU requirements, introduced new field DU Policy Feature Description in Borrower Declarations → About Your Finances section. 

Lender Paid Compensation % field size to be increased from 4 digits (2.12) to at least 5 digits (2.125). (HOT-8223)

Lender Paid Compensation percentage field is updated to three digits after decimal.

POS Review - Character limit updated for Source Description and Comment. (HOT-7907)

Character Limit updated for Other > Source Description - 250

Character Limit updated for Comment - 600


Fixed: Lender Event updating data in Arive for Previous stages. (HOT-9451)

Fixed: Unit number should be also populate in address display. (HOT-7222)

Fixed: Alphabetically allowed custom filters sorting on Loan Pipeline view. (HOT-9050)

Fixed: Update the verbiage in company settings > email templates > Loan Quote now renamed to Loan Fees Worksheet (HOT-8100)

Fixed: Notice of Action: Adverse reason not mapping (HOT-7836)

Fixed: Seller Agent phone Number is missing in Pipeline Reports. (HOT-9315)

Fixed: Allow "Cancel" when viewing an existing Contact on the Setup & Contacts screen. (HOT-8354)