VA Loan Analysis (HOT-787)

  • Enhanced VA loans by adding a new page to calculate VA Residual Income. 
  • "VA Loan" & "FHA Loan" view will be dynamically shown for VA Loans and FHA Loans respectively.
  • VA Info (Mortgage Credit Cert, VA Entitlement Amount, Co-Borrower marries to Primary Borrower, Seller Concessionare moved to VA Loan view from Loan & Property view.
  • FHA Info (Section Act, FHA Sponsor ID, Seller Concession, MIP Refund Amount(Refinance Loans))  are moved to FHA Loans view from Loan & Property view.
  • Agency Case Number moved from Loan & Property view to respective VA and FHA Loans view.
  • CAIVRID is added for each borrower on VA and FHA Loans view.
  • Borrowers on Active Duty Service will be given 5 % rebate on required Residual Income Amount.
  • For DTI > 41 % , Residual Income will be increased by 20 %.

Disclosures: Allow users to manage Service Provider Types in Disclosure Setup (HOT-8405)

Users are allowed to manage additional Service Providers in Disclosure Setup as:

Well & Septic Inspection- Well & Septic Inspector

Pest Inspection: Pest Inspector

Architecture/Engineering - Architect/Engineer

Survey: Surveyor

Create POS App Branded URL for all business contacts (HOT-8785)

Added POS App Branded URL for all business contacts.

Pre-Approval letter generation to skip max DTI rule check (HOT-8615)

Pre-Approval letter generation should skip max DTI rule check if skip income is checked on loan.

Added info icon on Max DTI rule field with following verbiage as: "DTI checks will not be enforced if 'Skip Income' checkbox is checked in Income".

Show all dates in Loan Pipeline(HOT-8734)

Enhanced Loan Dates pop over to show all important dates.

Mortgagee Clause: Ability to add mortgagee clause for integrated Lenders(HOT-6060)

Provided an ability to add mortgagee clause for Closing Protection Letter and Homeowners Insurance for Manual and Integrated Lenders.

Mortgagee Clause: Overridden Indicator for mortgagee clause(HOT-8879)

Overridden Indicator is shown if uer add or edit any mortgagee clause for both System and Integrated Lenders.

Call Reports: Exclude certain loans from reports (HOT-8323)

Enhanced call reports configuration by adding a toggle on Audit and Dates screen that will allow users to exclude specific loans from Mortgage Call Reports.

Loan Info: Subordinate Lien - Added "Creditor Name" & "Other Funds Type" (HOT-7587)

Added a new field labeled "Creditor Name"

Added a new drop down labeled "Other Funds Type" when user selects "Other" as Fund Source Type

LOSAllow deleting a Note (HOT-3318)

Users are now allowed to delete self entered notes from various places as Loan Notes, Tracker Notes, Document Notes, Condition Notes, Lead Notes.

Users are not allowed to delete notes that were added by another user.

Emails: Filter Email Logs by status (HOT-8113)

Users will be able to view emails based on status (Success, Failed and by All)

Users will have the option to "Re-Send" any emails in Failed status  

PreApproval: Add organization phone number tag (HOT-6322)

Added an organization phone number tag labeled "Org Phone" to be available for users to populate on the Pre-Approval letter and other available templates

PreApproval: Add downpayment tag (HOT-6629)

Added a down payment amount tag labeled "Scenario Down Payment Amount" to be available for users to populate on the Pre-Approval letter and other available templates

API Updates:

  • Added borrower current address in get all loans and get loan detail API (HOT-8798)

  • Added trigger for POS App Submission (HOT-8732)

  • Added Loan Origination source field (loanCreatedFrom) in get all loans and get loan detail API (HOT-8787) (Bug Fix)

  • Added POS App Submission Date field (posAppSubmissionDate) in get all loans and get loan detail API (HOT-8732)

  • Added lenderNMLS in update loan API (HOT-8707)
  • Added Intent To Proceed date and Lender Loan Number in update loan API (HOT-8661)

Additional Enhancements/Fixes

Fixed: Notice of Action- Adverse date not populating. (HOT-7978)

Fixed: Incorrect date at manual registration. (HOT-8727)

Fixed: Incorrect data field in loan center. (HOT-8761)

Fixed: Setup/Contacts - business contacts info is not displaying company's license number. (HOT-8539)

Fixed: AUS error for multiple residences with residency type current. (HOT-8657)

Fixed: Business Contact deleted but still showing in Setup & Contacts section. (HOT-8402)

Fixed: Disclosure Setup: Arive "List of Service Providers You Can Shop For"  should auto-populate with Disclosure setup. (HOT-7693)

Disclosures: Default reason verbiage has been removed from the Notice of Action (HOT-8608)

Disclosures: AZ Pre-qualification - Phone number should be the LO's specific office or cell phone (HOT-6144)

Disclosures: Add company's address & phone number on the eSign and Electronic Document Delivery Consent (HOT-6167)

AUS: Handle DU internal errors when getting lenders (HOT-8357)

Setup & Contacts: Business contacts to be sorted alphabetically (HOT-6459)