API Integration: Arive API integration with ZAPIER [Pro Plan] (HOT-3867)

  • Sync your CRM / Web Apps with Arive so that you can stay updated and share data with ease.
  • Generated a workflow to allow company admins or self paid users to generate credentials to authenticate REST API calls from third party systems to Arive API gateway.
  • Supported API's:
    • Create New Loan
    • Search All Loans
    • Get Loan Details 
    • Update Loan Status 
    • Adverse Loan

Email Templates: “To“, “Cc“ & “Bcc“ fields are now editable (HOT-8145)

  • Users will be able to add/remove predefined recipients in each email template as per design.
  • Users are now able to edit the "Cc" and "Bcc" fields for all email templates. 
  • Users are allowed to add other email addresses that are outside the predefined recipients for some email templates as per design.

Disclosures: Service Provider Disclosure Setup (HOT-8249)

  • Enhanced disclosures by adding the option to select Service Providers at Disclosure Setup.
  • Settlement / Escrow -> Users are allowed to select any Attorney, Closing Agent or Escrow Agent that are assigned to the loan in the Loan Business contacts section.
  • Title Services -> Users are allowed to select contacts from the list of Title Agents added in loans Business Contacts.

MISMO Import: Add borrower to existing loan by importing MISMO file (HOT-4420)

  • Enhanced MISMO import by allowing users to directly add borrowers and respective information to an existing loan by importing MISMO file.
  • MISMO import will add borrower details and additional information like income, liabilities, real estate & assets to loan file.

Business Contact: Ability to edit business contact's email address (HOT-8408)

  • As a part of business contact improvement, users are now allowed to edit/update contact email address.
  • Note: changing the email address will require the user to be re-invited to the Agent Portal.

Purchase Credit: Allow multiple entries for certain purchase credits (HOT-7995)

  • Users are allowed to add multiple entries for all credit types except “Seller Credit” & “Earnest Money Deposit”.
  • "Seller Credit" & "Earnest Money Deposit" are unique and can only be added once.

Conditions: Loan condition enhancements (HOT-7611)

Enhanced loan conditions with below changes:

  • "PTCD" added under Prior To on adding new condition.
  • Added new status "READY TO SEND" and relocated "SEND TO LENDER" status to selected action.
  • When downloading an attachment from a condition, user will see a pop up a message asking if they would like to send the condition to "Sent To Lender" status.

Additional Enhancements/Fixes

Fixed: DTI calculating incorrectly due to having both, "omitted" & "will be paid off", reasons available to select. (HOT-7223) & (HOT-6741)

Fixed: Housing expense ratio fix. (HOT-8240). Expense is being considered twice for borrowers in different 1003 living at same address.

Fixed: Images support in loan notes. (HOT-8595). Images were broken in notes.

Fixed: Incomplete company name on "Intent to Proceed" disclosure. (HOT-7697)

Disclosures bug fixed: "DocMagic Disclosures" tabs will only be visible to Non Del organization and enterprises. (HOT-8334)

Header: Show a bar below sub header to highlight Adversed/Suspended loan. (HOT-7873)

Borrower Portal: Grammar update in POS "What type of property are you looking?" to "What type of property are you seeking?". (HOT-2575)

Plans & Billing: Grammar update to Regular & Occasional User informational pop ups for clarification purposes. (HOT-1501)

Plans & Billing: Grammar update to past due message dialog box and information banner. (HOT-6967)

Fixed: Typo in email template - "Mortgagee". (HOT-8365)