Major Feature Enhancements

CoreLogic CREDCO credit provider integration with Arive (HOT-6173)

Added more options to pull credit by adding another vendor CoreLogic CREDCO.

CREDCO credit options include Soft Pull and Mortgage Only. 

CREDCO provides option for Re-issue and Refresh, un-merge and upgrade credit.

Arive's integrated lenders and sign up link (HOT-7867)

Arive's integrated lenders will be displayed via icon in top header where users can select the lender's logo for sign up capabilities.

Disclosure package generation for ARM loans and Brokered Orgs (HOT-7322)

Disclosure generation with DocMagic is now available for both Non-Del and Brokered Orgs.

User are now be able to generate disclosures for ARM loans using DocMagic integration.

Enhance disclosure package generation and setup options (HOT-7158)

Enhanced disclosure setup screen by adding more fields and most are now editable.

Important Dates / Information - First Payment Date, Estimated Closing Date and Estimated Funding Date are now editable.

Broker Compensation - LPC - Lender Paid compensation is now editable.

Anti Steering - New fields added for "Lowest Rate without features".

Other Consideration - New fields "Assumability Indicator" and "Servicing Loan" added.

Ability to resend certain failed emails from email logs at the loan level (HOT-4886)

Users have the ability to resend certain failed emails within a loan within the loan's email logs.

Note: Resend option will not available for emails with an attachment, client need emails, quote emails, order services emails and IFW.

Client Need Rules: New option available to select primary borrower for all 1003 apps (HOT-7568)

New option available in the client need rules "Primary Borrower (All 1003 apps)". Selecting this option will create a rule to trigger for primary borrower of all 1003 apps associated to the loan.

Display warning if Loan FICO is different than calculated FICO (HOT-5708)

A warning indicator will be displayed in Loan FICO component when the loan FICO on Loan & Property screen and calculated FICO (Credit Order) are different.

Loan Pipeline: POS application progress added on borrower tooltip (HOT-7155)

POS application progress will be visible when hovering over borrower on loan pipeline.

Support for Standard LCOR (Standard Limited cash-out Refinance) (HOT-7439)

To avoid making loan as Refi Now, DU has provided an option to control behavior by entering the special text "Standard LCOR" in the new text box named "Product Description (AUS/DU)"

New field name "Projected Reserve Amount (LPA)" (HOT-7195)

Added a new field "Projected Reserve Amount (LPA)" on Loan & Property section.

Call Reports: MCR XML file export will now download as zip file (HOT-4868)

Generate MCR XML will now download as a zip.

Additional Fixes

POS > Mortgage Info updates (HOT-7738)

Verbiage update - "How much is your down payment?"

Ability to edit down payment percentage.

DocMagic disclosure message added for VA/FHA & USDA products (HOT-7431)

"Arive is currently not certified for generating initial disclosures for VA/FHA and USDA products. We are working to get this implemented soon. Please use DocMagic directly to generate such disclosures."

Send Agency Case Number to DU and LPA (HOT-7582)

Agency case will be available in exported files for DU/LPA.

Arive will now pass the agency case number to DU and LPA exported files.

Loan & Property Info: Relocated "Affordable Loan" checkbox  (HOT-7359)

Affordable Loan checkbox relocated to display under Advance Features on Loan and Property Info screen.

Update label from "Credit" to "Discount Points" on edit product pop up (HOT-7541)