Major Feature Enhancement

Company level vs User level credential storage (HOT-155)

Company Admin and Branch Admin users are now allowed to store credentials at Company/Branch level.

Only company admins can add/update company level credentials.

Company Admin and Branch Admin can add/update branch level credentials.

In any scenario user level credentials are given first preference than branch and at last company level credentials.

Loan Conditions - Send notification on assignment.(HOT-6397)

Added email notifications to loan condition assignee to let them know the list if conditions they have been assigned.

  • When loan condition are created, email will be sent to each recipient. A checkbox will control whether to send these emails or not.
  • When loan condition are updated, if assignee is changed, notification email is sent to new assignee. A checkbox will control whether to send these emails or not.

App Submission configuration added in LOS for borrower Portal.(HOT-6752)

As per user feedback following configurations are added in LOS for submitting POS application as : 

"App SubmitAllow App submission without Credit Consent" - If set TRUE POS users will be allowed to submit application without submitting consent details.

"App Submit - Must Complete All Required  Fields" - If set TRUE POS users will not be allowed to submit application without filling all mandatory information.

Pipeline Repots: Allow default report access to custom dates(HOT-6518)

Improved Reports experience by adding a new option ALL in Date Fields drop down whose default starts and end date values will be YTD and Current Date respectively.

Liabilities - Add a 5% payment calculation option.(HOT-6390)

As per user feedback added a 5% payment calculation in liabilities monthly payment, as this is required for FHA collection balances.

Make system email templates editable(HOT-5893)

As per user feedback system following email templates are added to Company Settings > Email templates and are user editable:

  • Notify to Loan Team when borrower Submits/Starts App
  • Notify Loan Team when Notes added to Loan 
  • Notify Loan Team when a new Loan is created
  • Notify Loan Team when Borrower complete all Needs
  • Notify Loan Team when Borrower complete  Needs [Reminder Emails]

Indicate Credit Vendor used when submitting AUS

Added an option to select credit vendor while submitting loan to DU/LPA. This resolves issue if previous run credentials have expired. 

Update MI calculations in Amortization Schedule.(HOT-6143)

Updated MI to change after every 12 months until loan amount reaches less than 78% of property value.

For USDA MI will reduce after every 12 months but will be applicable throughout loan tenure.

TRID Handling - Loan Creation on File Import (HOT-5100)

On loan file import, the TRID trigger pop up should be explicitly shown to user if the file import has 6 pieces of information. Users can update/remove 6 pieces of information to change the status of the application from App Complete to App Started. This is only applicable for MISMO loan file import.

Quote enhancements.(HOT-5947)

Maintain order of product post download after drag and drop.

User are now allowed to update quote after generation similar to edit manual products.

User are now allowed to edit product name for system lenders after quote generation.

Send Notification when email integration fails.(HOT-6474)

Send a email notification to users as soon as email starts failing due to a failed email integration.

Shown a message on top when user logins and email is disconnected as "Your integrated email is disconnected. Please re-connect your email by going to user setting > Email Integration."

Add Ordered & Receiving dates for HOI under Documents Dates.(HOT-6320)

Added HOI ordered and HOI received on Audit and Dates screen.

Additional Fixes:

Fixed: Credentials lost while switching users across branches(HOT-5606)

Show uploaded information in need review and doc preview(HOT-5628)