Major Feature Enhancement

Loan Conditions Management (HOT-6131)

  • New experience added to manage Lender Conditions. 
  • Lender Conditions will only be visible when loan is in Registered or in Post Registered status.
  • Users can Add/Edit/Delete Lender conditions and update them to different statuses. 
  • Users can create conditions in bulk simply by copy and paste.
  • Users can generate client Needs from Lender Conditions as well as upload documents.

Generate Pre Approval Letter from Borrower Portal  (HOT-6048)

  • Borrowers can generate Pre Approval letter from Borrower Portal based on Loan Officer rules.
  • Loan Officers can configure Pre Approval access and rules for borrowers from Setup Options.
  • Pre-Approval button will be visible to borrowers once loan is submitted.
  • Borrowers can update, download and send pre Approval letter(s).

Show Loan Processor in Search Results (HOT-6168)

Added Loan Processor in global search results.

Added icons for Pre Approved and Archive loans in search results.

Use Finance funding with Base loan amount for LTV/CLTV/HCLTV (HOT-4417)

For VA Cash- Out Refinances (Type1 and Type2) , we will use Total Loan Amount (Base Loan Amount + Financed Funding Fee) instead of Base Loan Amount to calculate LTV/CLTV/HCLTV.

DO/DU: Subordinate financing source warning (HOT-5818)

New attribute "Funds Source" is added to handle DO/DU warning (MSG ID3537)

Improved UI experience for Subordinate Financing(Add/Update/Delete).

Self Employment Income (HOT-5107)

Updated Self employment: Monthly Income (or Loss) should only be used for self- employed borrowers with an ownership share of 25% or more.

Store FHA Lender Id on Organizational level (HOT-5710)

  • Enhanced UI experience for adding FHA Lender Information.
  • Brokers can Add/Edit/delete FHA lender id and name while running AUS(DU)


Primary LO license confirmation warning added (HOT-5609)

  • Confirmation added incase License is missing for primary Loan Officer for subject property state as "Primary LO is not licensed to work in selected Subject Property State. Do you still want to continue?"
  • Confirmation required for Loan Creation(MISMO/FNM), Invite Borrower, Loan export(MISMO/FNM),Pricing Registration.

Additional Fixes 

POS Custom Questions: Allow adding Long Text (HOT-5427)

  • Additional question type added as "Long Text"
  • Short Text renamed to "Input Text"

Allowed Processor / LOA to update File Contacts and Setup Options (HOT-3267)

Loan Officer Assistant and Processor users will also be able to update loan team in File contacts and Setup Options.


Cash-out amount limit change change for LP (HOT-4831)

  • If submitted through DU/DO, cash amount is lesser of $2000 or 2% of Loan Amount.
  • If submitted through LP, cash amount is greater of 1% of Loan Amount or $2000.

Add Full Doc option in PPE for Non - QM mortgage type (HOT-5082)

Search experienced improved and added Global search into Arive application.


Client Need Rules: Renamed All borrowers to Applicable Borrower(s) (HOT-6182)


PPE: Re- run should directly go to results page (HOT-3878)

  • Re-run pricing from quote. 
  • Re-price from loan.