ARIVE value's the privacy of Borrowers' personal data and actively works to protect such data in multiple ways.

  1. ARIVE platform application and Borrower data are hosted with secure, cloud-based SOC 2-compliant Amazon Web Services, and private Borrower data is encrypted both in transit and at rest with 256 bits or higher encryption.  Secure backups are maintained at secure AWS cloud facilities to enable recovery in the event needed. Only limited need-to-know employees have access to production systems and data such as those in support or operations. All access is protected with 2-Factor authentication.
  2. We implement Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for access to LOS user accounts, utilizing one of the industry's leading authentication services.
  3. In addition, we carry out endpoint monitoring to protect against malware and similar attacks. We also use various security tools and systems provided by AWS such as GuardDuty to detect abnormal behavior or activity. We run regular security and penetration tests using 3rd party security tools against our infrastructure.
  4. ARIVE never shares or sells Borrower data to any third party advertisers.