Major Enhancement

Global Search (HOT-4867)

Search experienced improved and added Global search into Arive application.

Allows user to search based on following attributes as: 

Borrower/Co Name

Borrower/Co Email

Borrower/Co Phone

Subject Property

Arive Loan Id

Arive Lead Id

Lender Loan Number

Business Contact Name

Total Cost Analysis Improvements (HOT-4532)

Provider an option to analysis Total Cost based on Loan Terms [30/25/20/15/10/5] years.

Doc Magic Compliant Disclosures Integration (HOT-3912) - Non Del Only

Doc Magic integration enabled for Non Del Brokers. Users can generate Initial Disclosure packages and process e-sign with borrowers. You must have your own DocMagic account to use this.

Restricted credit pull for non borrower role (HOT-5364)

As per Credit agencies and DU credit Pull guidelines restricted for all non borrower roles [Cosigner/Non Title Spouse/Title Holder]

Add Est Closing Cost field on PPE to calculate Prepaid Interest Days (HOT-4883)

Added Estimated closing date field on pricing screen. 

Estimated closing date will calculate Prepaid Interest days to calculate Prepaid Interest.


 New field "Number of borrowers" on PPE screen (HOT-3003) for MI

"Number of Borrower" field added on pricing screen that will be pre-populated with number of borrowers in loan. This is to calculate accurate MI for UWM and Homepoint


Introduced "Select All" button on lender selection drop down (HOT-5610)

Added "Select All" option on pricing screen to select all System lenders.

Support delete account from credential screen (HOT-5122)

Added support to delete credentials from User Setting > Credentials.

Client Need rules improvement (HOT-5790)

As per users feedback following improvements done on Client Need Rules as:

Prefix Declaration for borrower Declaration 

Prefix "Additional Question" for custom Questions

Added new field Lender in condition 

Added option to select Income Types.

Enable lender selection for pricing templates and added edit feature for best rates from dashboard only (HOT-4811)

Enable Lender selection for pricing scenario to find best rates.

Added support for edit and update scenario from dashboard view.

Pipeline Reports: Persist saved filters (HOT-5463)

Applied filter state will be persisted for pipeline reports.

Lock Period Extension and Rate Change Functionality (HOT-4881)

For locked loans provided an option to Extend Lock period and change rate from pricing view.

"Extend Lock Fee" adjustment will be added whenever user extend rate lock period.

User can Add/Edit/Delete "Extend Lock Fee"

Additional Fixes

Delete document from client needs (HOT-5685)

Adverse Form - Agency name not populating (HOT-5731)

POS Income enhancements - Income button are changed to dropdown (HOT-5655)

Pipeline Reports - Loan Updated Date attribute for report type "Custom"  (HOT-5916)

Fixed: Previous company name getting picked in invite user email.(HOT-5458)

URLA 1003 - Additional Real Estate will show all REO properties (HOT-3895)