Major Enhancement

Enhance Client Need Rule experience. (HOT-1134)

New experience added to manage client need rules with many additional fields. Need Rules can be created using different set of conditions based on number of such loan data fields. Custom POS fields can also be added for Needs.


Allow adding custom disclosure/forms templates. (HOT-1307)

Enhanced form list which allows user to upload custom documents/forms with number of tokens and other standard fields that are taken from loan data. Users can easily generate, e-sign and create sets from generated custom documents/forms.


Teams : Apply team members to all Active loans, Allow Loan Officer to be added as team member . (HOT-4846)

"Mass User Assignment" - New Feature added to assign users to multiple ACTIVE loans. This is an irreversible operation and user need to make any updates manually on all loans for any further change. "Manage" - Users can add/remove Loan Officer to team.


Credit- Enable borrower swapping even if credit is pulled for both borrowers. (HOT-4900)

Enabled borrower swapping even if credit report is pulled for both the borrowers. This action will mark current credit report as INVALID.

Additional Fixes

Add refresh button for pipeline list (HOT-5596)

LOX-Single borrower (HOT-54)

Add Phone Number and Email on pipeline view. (HOT-4772)

Update Loan FICO from Loan info even if credit is pulled . (HOT-5396)

Remove mandatory validation from Target Cash Amount  (HOT-5596)

Allow bulk delete for Real Estates incase of Purchase. (HOT-5132)

Add downpayment percentage token in pre approval letter. (HOT-5262)

Arizona pre qualification Form and Request for Title commitment. (HOT-5370)