Major Enhancements

Added support for Custom Questions on Consumer Application (HOT-4065)

Configure and view custom questions in LOS:

Verify Custom Question in POS:

In the LOS you can find data available in "Borrower Info" Tab for responses borrower filled out for these custom questions.

CREDIT: Added support for Soft Pull Support (HOT-16)

You can create separate Soft-pull account and use it or in case of Avantus have that option available at time of pulling credit. Avantus also gives you option to pull Mortgage Only report 

CREDIT: Ability to Pay using Borrower Credit Card (HOT-16)

You can now use borrower provided credit card to pay for credit report. The system assumes you have valid credit card and authorization from borrower.

CREDIT: Provided support for 1B, 2B, 3B bureau selection when pulling Credit (HOT-4892)

Additional Fixes:

Fixed: Ability to resend verification email incase user email not verified (HOT-5336)

Fixed: Rental properties resetting on import  (HOT-4654)

Fixed: DTI rent expense logic.  (HOT-5164)

Fixed: Lender loan number in LPA findings.(When user enters loan number from loan centre)  (HOT-5334)

Fixed: AUS(LPA)error : PurchasePriceNetAmt > 0 for conventional loans (HOT-5386)

Fixed: Add Purchase Price option in Fee configuration (HOT-4795)

Fixed: Test Fee feature for Manual Lenders (HOT-4969)

Fixed: Convert images to PDF in Realtor Portal (HOT-5295)

Fixed: Added a button to add purchase credit on loan and info view (HOT-5078)