Major Enhancements

Lender Change Post Registration

Provided ability to change lender and product post registration (and without running pricing). Also easier way to select lenders for closed loans, pre-registered loans without running pricing!

Student Loan Deferment: Calculate Liability on Outstanding Balance (1%, 0.5%)

For quick calculation provided option to calculate Monthly Payment Liabilities

Display Subject Property Address on Loan Pipeline.

For better usability updated subject property address to be shown as full address on loan pipeline.

Multi-select and delete Asset and Liabilities

Enable bulk delete for Assets and Liabilities

Client Facing Title on Email Signature

Added new token Job Tittle in email templates as {{fromUser.jobTitle}}

Request for Evidence of Insurance Form 

Added Request for Evidence of Insurance form to Disclosures section

Easier way to change rates for Manual Lender

Manual Lender Rates can be changed easily on products and pricing screen!

Change invite expiration time to 96 hours for Internal Users (LO, LOA, Processor,) invites.

Updated expiration time to 96 hours for emails send out to user while inviting them in the system.

Additional Fixes:

Bug Fixed: Dependent age field accepting text values from POS android devices.

Bug Fixed: Liability Issue while running DU - "Error processing request: Xsd Validation: Liability Type is not element of set {BorrowerEstimatedTotalMonthly}"

Enhacement: Email permission issue for gmail integration in Arive.