Major Enhancements

Enabled document editing from Needs.

Yu can now edit Document directly from Needs, just like in Document Center

Select All in client needs rule 

Checkbox to select multiple client needs at once

Proper Non-QM Loan Handling 

Handle Income Doc Types to non-QM Loans. Added DSCR as Alternate Doc Type

MCR changes

Provided option to configure TRID date as default NMLS date from company setting.

Call Reports - Added option for "Generate as LO"

Allow check/uncheck for Title/HOI Orders

If Title?HOI Order are checked by accident, they can be un-checked

Add TRID completed email to template section

You can now configure content of TRID complete emails

Warnings in DTI widget for subject property and REO mismatch (for primary 

residence declaration).

Group Needs Alphabetically in Client Needs 

Grouping Needs sent to borrowers and POS by Category

Allow up-to 4 decimal in fee configuration 

Rate Lock - Float Agreement Feedback 

Allow selector in Rate Lock/Float Agreement by LO

Known BUG Fixes

Remove title holder borrower from subject property 

Remove "Level of Education" question from pos fro new URLA apps

Add Pagination in email tracking 

Remove extra space after First name, Last name 

Added Borrower Name missing on IFW 

Fix for Deposit being not editable from IFW screen. 

Always ask for loan officer on POS register page. 

Fixed Scroll not working in preview for multiple needs. 

Duplicate users showing up in loan pipeline filter user search 

Manage borrower drag & drop not working for a particular use case

Fix attach Business contact from POS