Major Enhancements

Future Employment Handling

Added support of adding future employment date from LOS and POS.

Income Analyser to support future employment date.

Employment - Suppress 2 Year Income History checks

Suppress two year income check. 

Suppress income check for non Employment borrower.

Rental Income - Option to override Rental Income

Added ability to override rental income from subject property and real estate.

Added new tokens for E-mail Templates

Added following tokens for email templates as:

  • Borrower/Co-Borrower - Phone Number
  • Borrower/Co-Borrower - Last 4 Digits of SSN 
  • Borrower/Co-Borrower - Date of Birth
  • Borrower/Co-Borrower - Current Address
  • Borrower/Co-Borrower - Marital Status 
Please exercise caution while sending emails as this data is considered sensitive

Added separate template for "Document Only" borrower invitation

Now user will have "Document only" template to invite borrower.

Funding Fee - Added ability to override funding fee.

Now users can override funding fee from loan and property info and pricing section.


Full MISMO Full Export (Doc Vensors)

Added new option to export MISMO which consist of additional details as:

  • Fee
  • MERS
  • Lender NMLS 
  • Loan Origination NMLS number.

This is useful for DocVendors to generate disclosures

DTI calculation Warning Message

Added Warning for subject property having primary residence -> At least one primary borrower should mark occupy to primary residence true in the declaration.

Warning Added: Declaration Part A should be "Yes" for at least one primary borrower.

"Apply Now" button is now dynamic in preview and quote pdf.

"AFR" : Allowed adjustment based on product rates.

Fixed: Property Address display for templates, generated docs and URLA

Fixed: Handled cash to close sign (-/+) on quote pdf and UI

Fixed: Decimals in IFW pdf for Estimated total payoff, loan amount and Downpayment.

Fixed: Data loading delayed in forms.(Added loading indicator)

Fixed: Getting points/credit on quote pdf for Non-Del loans.

Fixed: HOA missing from compare offer

AUS One Click - Auto populating previous case ID.