Major Enhancements

AUS One-Click Submission

ARIVE is introducing a major feature with seamless support for On-Click AUS. Now user can run AUS (DU/LPA) in a one click.

Improved user interface with additional support for Findings, Appraisal Waivers, doc requirements.

Redirecting errors/warnings to respective views.

Error handling has been significantly improved before AUS is executed so loan data can be fixed


Merge Documents from Needs

Loan Officers now merge documents directly from Needs view.

Allow deleting Documents from loan

Added support for deleting document from loan file. Note that once a document is deleted, it cannot be recovered by user.

eConsent and Credit consent configurable from LOS

Provided support to configure consents from LOS Settings (POS config). Both eConsent and Credit Consent are configurable for Company Admins. 

Minor Enhancements / Bug Fixes

Updated email preview UI/UX

Improved UI/UX for email previews throughout LOS.

Show created date and created by in Organization details

Rates now configurable from LOS: whether to display to borrower or not. 

Provided support to configure Rates from LOS Settings (POS config). When unchecked rates will not be shown to borrower.

Fixed: TRID should not trigger until borrower submits the app.

Fixed: Loan should not be adversed while clearing the status.

Fixed: Excluded special characters while requesting credit payload. 

Fixed: Credit vendor order identifier handling.