Major Enhancements

New feature - Compare Offer or Compare with Current Loan (Refinance)

  • User should be able to add/update "Compare Offer" or "Current with current Loan" / "Current with Another Offer" details on all pages in PPE.
  • If "Compare Offer" or "Current with current Loan" / "Current with Another Offer" is added, user should be able to add two more system products.
  • Include State license information on Quotes/PDF.

For Purchase Loans

For Refinance Loans

Allow changing CC,BCC, Reply To, From Name in email previews.

  • User now allowed to add additional emails for CC and BCC.

Custom Email Config - Connect your mailbox

  • Provided easier ways to connect to mailbox like Gmail / Outlook etc.
  • Provided easier ways to validate credentials if any.
  • Improved UX to show email configs being used.
  • OAuth for Gmail and Office365.
  • User level and company level email configs.

Business contact now searchable from loan pipeline.

User now allowed to search all the loans associated with business contacts like Real Estate Agents, Closing Agents etc on loan pipeline filter.

US territories are now searchable in Autocomplete. 

US territories like Guam, Virgin Island and Puerto Rico now searchable from Autocomplete.

Support for Military Addresses (APO/FPO - AE, AP, AA)

Added support for military addresses. Now user can manually enter states as American Forces America(AA), American Forces Other(AE) , American Forces Pacific(AP).

Bug Fixes Enhancements

  • SSA-89 form updated.
  • Subordinate liens handling in IFW other financing section (Only non existing liens should be used now)
  • Other Adjustment and paid off balance handling for Purchase scenarios in IFW.
  • Escrow waiver update bug fix.