Major Enhancements

Call Reports: Date Tracking - Audit & Dates Tracking

  • MCR Applications Included for Call Reporting: For a given Loan  RESPA 6 Date OR First Pre Approval Date OR First Credit Order Date OR Adverse Date will be considered NMLS Application Date for MCR Reporting        
  • All Mortgage Call Report Data in single screen including Revenue Info, Product Info
  • Dates applicable to MCR shown separately
  • Date used for Call Reporting is shown as NMLS App Date


Downpayment Calculation Updates for Loan & Property Info

  • Allow user to update the $ field for a Down Payment amount
  • Make Down Payment calculation lower of Purchase Price or Appraised Value. Base loan amount | Down Payment percentage | Down Payment amount will be calculated from min of (Purchase Price or Appraised Value). If one of the fields is null the other will be considered for calculation.
  • Delink Down Payment sources amount with Down Payment percentage field (Allow user to add the different total amount from down payment amount)
  • Copy value of Purchase Price into Appraised Value if Appraised Value is not defined 
  • Copy value of Appraised Value into Purchase Price if Purchase Price is not defined 
  • Move FHA gift options above gifts in case of FHA mortgage

Editing of Asset Type, Borrower,  Income Type, Liability Type

Improvements to allow changes in Financial Info once they have been saved

  • Allow changing Borrower in Employment Info after saving.
  • Allow changing Employment Type in Employment Info after saving.
  • Allow changing of Asset Type for asset after saving.
  • Allow changing Liability Type of Liability after saving.

Enhanced Document Upload / Merge Features

Document Management has been enhanced to support Merge of Document, convert Images to PDF

  • Convert Images to PDF while uploading from LOS. (POS upload coming in next release).
  • Provide option to convert already uploaded images to PDF.
  • Merge Documents from Document centre. (Merge from Needs view coming in next release)
  • Add zoom in/out support for Image Preview.
  • New PDF viewer implemented.Convert Images to PDF while uploading from LOS.

Change borrower email

Allowed borrowers to change email address from LOS even after POS account is created. This can be changed in LOS.

Minor Enhancements

  • Fix county loan limits for Guam and Virgin Islands.
  • Dependent Age field allow only numbers and comma characters
  • Closing Agent not reflecting in dropdown.