Version 1.47 is scheduled to be released between 2:00am EST and 5:00am EST on November 27th, 2020.


New Features

Loan Dashboard

Loan Dashboards are now available for users to see an overview of their pipeline metrics.

The metrics on the dashboard include:

  • Todays rates -- requires setting up a default option
  • Upcoming contingency dates
  • Pipeline status -- loans per status
  • Lender spread
  • Funded loan volume
  • Upcoming events -- Birthdays and MI Drop Eligible date are pending, but expected to be updated shortly after 1.47 in a hotfix
  • Recent loans

The data available in the dashboard is dependent upon the user's roles:

  • Company Adminswill be able to see all loans in the company
    • Additionally they have access to view individual LO's dashboard
  • Branch Adminswill be able to see all loans in their branch
    • Additionally they have access to view individual LO's dashboard within the branch
  • Loan Officers, LOAs, and Processors will be able to see all loans to which they are assigned

This is an initial version of our loan dashboard. As such, we encourage all users to provide feedback on how we may better improve this feature! Please send your feedback to

Added 1008 and 92900-LT Underwriting Forms

The 1008 and 92900-LT underwriting forms from Fannie Mae and FHA, respectively, may now be generate within the platform.

Minor Features and Bug Fixes

Allow Clearing Loan Status Dates

User are now able to revert loan statuses by clearing dates out.

Emailing Preapproval Letter

For companies that utilize the SMTP setting for sending email out of the platform, the preapproval letter would not be able to be opened by recipients. We have resolved this, so that the attached file may be opened.

Rate Alert Notification Emails

Rate alerts notification emails were occurring too frequently. This has been adjusted so that a notification is sent only after all lenders' ratesheets have been processed.

Allow Editing Other Financing P&I

User may now edit the monthly amount for other financing P&I in the Housing Expenses Calculator.