Version 1.45 is scheduled to be released between 2:00am EST and 5:00am EST on November 2nd, 2020.


New Features

Pipeline Report Enhancements

We have updated the pipeline report feature to allow for selecting the date range for finding loans. Additionally, we also include the last 4 digits of the SSN for the primary borrower in the exported data.

Lead Notes

Notes are now available on leads.

Accessing the POS from non-US countries

We have implemented support to allow borrowers from outside the US to access the POS. Let us know if your borrowers run into issues and we can enable them to access the application.

Minor Features and Bug Fixes

Clear Loan Registration Error Messages for UWM

We have implemented clearer messages when UWM loan registrations fail.

TBD Toggle UX

When users type "TBD" in the address, the TBD toggle will now automatically update.

Default MI Calculation Type to "System"

The MI calculation type on the housing expenses calculator will now always default to "System" for newly created loans. This will ensure the MI from the pricing engine is utilized by default.

VOE Form - Text Cutoff

The years for income verification were being cutoff when generating the PDF form. This will no longer occur.

Property Address Information in FNM 3.2 File

We fixed minor issues related to exporting and importing a FNM 3.2 file.