Version 1.45 is scheduled to be released between 2:00am EST and 5:00am EST on November 2nd, 2020.


New Features

Rate Alerts

Rate Alerts are now available for Loan Officers within the platform. This gives LOs a way to automatically be notified when a client's loan scenario reaches a target Rate and Price, allowing LOs to stay on top of market trends and offer their clients the best possible deals.

To access this functionality, users may click on the new option within the "Pricing" dropdown.

This will navigate the user to the Rate Alerts pipeline. 

To create a new alert, users should price out the scenario they want to monitor within the Pricing Engine. Next they click on the Action Button for a loan product and then select Set Rate Alert.

A flyout will display where the user may enter the borrower's name and email and then adjust the target rate and price.

When target Rate/Price values are met or there are better rates, a notification email will be sent to the Loan Officer, listing all triggered rate alerts.

Note that, there is a maximum of 200 rate alert scenarios which are available to Loan Officers. 

All rate alert scenarios are validated each time new ratesheets are processed from the system lenders. To further clarify, this feature does not account for manual lender options, as we do not receive their ratesheets.

Housing Expense Calculator

We have added detailed fields which provide more flexibility over how the Housing Expenses are calculated.

When clicking on "Edit" for the Housing Expenses, a popup will appear show the details of the proposed expenses.

Items calculated here will flow to the pricing engine to be used in pricing results and quotes.

New Loan Milestone Emails Notifications

We have added new milestone events for the following:

  • Appraisal Ordered
  • Appraisal Received
  • Title Ordered
  • Title Received

The templates are available with the rest of the Loan Milestones Updates:

These items are triggered when the associated date is entered, available from the Date Tracking page on the loan file.

PreApproval Letter Enhancements in Loan File 

Users will now be able to edit the PreApproval Letter on a per-loan basis and they also may send the preapproval from directly within the loan file.

When on the Form 1003 page of a loan file, users may indicate that the borrowers are preapproved with the preapproval toggle. When set to true an option to generate the preapproval letter becomes available. Now when users click on this option they will see the generated form, but now there are options to "Edit" and "Send".

Clicking "Edit" will enable options for the user to change the content of letter. Clicking "Send" will open an email flyout with the attached preapproval letter to send to the borrower.

Avantus Credit Integration

Users who utilize Avantus as their credit vendor will now be able to order credit reports from within ARIVE.Next.

Minor Features and Bug Fixes


Notice of Action Taken Mapping Enhancements

We have added new fields and mapped more loan data to the Notice of Action Taken form. The form will now automatically generate when adversing a loan file.

Improve Error Message for Bad AUS Credentials

We have added more informational text when AUS credentials fail for DO. Included are links to navigate the user to the DO interface and to explain that credential updates are periodically required by Fannie Mae.

Persist Selected Pipeline Filters on Logout

The selected pipeline filter will now persist when users log out of the platform.


More Merge Fields

We have added more Merge Fields available for email and preapproval letter templates. These include:

  • Estimated Closing Date
  • Seller Credit
  • Deposit amount

System Emailing Enhancements

Users will now be able to CC additional addresses on emails sent from the platform.

Warning for Debt to be Paid Off on Purchase Loans

We have included a warning message for when liabilities are indicated as "Paid Off" on purchase loans. This is not allowed by DO.

Include Last Four Numbers of SSN in Pipeline Report

The last four numbers of borrowers' SSN are now included in the pipeline export.

Date Display on 4506-T Form

We have resolved an issue where there was text overflow on the dates within the 4506-T form generated within the platform.

Loan Adversing Enhancements

When unadversing a loan, the Adverse date will now be cleared.

Allow Switching Income Type

Users will now be able to switch the Income Type on existing Income records. This is intended to allow more flexibility when importing 3.2 files.