ARIVE's Non-Del plan includes the following features:
  • MERS Min Generation
  • Automatic Non-Del pricing with Integrated Lenders for loans set as Non-Del
  • Support for both Non-Del and Broker loans in the same account
  • Customizable automation rules for when loans should be set to Non-Del or Broker
  • Customizable Margin Management based on your chosen criteria
  • Integration with your existing Doc Magic account
  • Call Reports support for Non-Del
  • Updated Fees Worksheet for Non-Del

In addition, the Non-Del plan includes all features of our Broker Pro Plan.

For more information, see: Non-Del Settings and Configurations

ARIVE Non-Del Pricing

You can find our current pricing for non-del here.

As of the writing of this article (May 2022), there is no setup fee, no per-transaction cost, or monthly minimum.  We expect to analyze the non-del pricing model in late 2022, which is likely to include an annual commitment.  But, for now, pricing is month-to-month only.

Switching to Non-Del as an Existing Client

To move to the non-del pricing plan, please open a chat or submit a request to and include your MERS Organization ID.  Our team may ask for confirmation that you are aware of the existing features and the cost difference.  Once we have that confirmation, we can switch your account.