You can purchase seats for your users, or have them purchase their own.

Company Admins can set users to use Company Paid seats or set them as Self Paid. You can also mix and match, with some users on the company plan, and others on the individual plans.

To change whether a user is Company Paid or Self Paid, go to your Company Settings > Users. From here click on the name of the user you want to edit.


This will open the Edit User pane. Here you can choose whether the user will be Company Paid or Self Paid, and if they are Company Paid you can choose their subscription seat type. Regular is for Loan Officers who will be originating loans, Occasional is for LOAs, Processors, or other support staff.

If a Branch is set to Branch Paid, you will see the Branch Paid option instead of Company Paid. Users set to Branch Paid will use the Branch purchased subscription.

Branch subscriptions can only be purchased by a Branch Admin within that branch, through the Branch Settings > Plans and Billing screen.

See: Setting Branches as Branch Paid

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