Version 1.40 is scheduled to be released between 2:00am EDT and 5:00am EDT on September 9th, 2020.


New Features

Pipeline Reports - Phase 1

We have added new functionality available to company admins to generate various reports on the company pipeline. This is intended to be foundational functionality necessary to eventually release features such as Dashboards and Custom Reports.

In the global header of the application there is a tab labeled Reports. The pipeline reports option will bring the user to the new reporting functionality. On the first page the user will find filtering options for the report. Clicking on the Generate/Re-Generate will navigate the user to the second page where information from the report is displayed.

For each metric displayed on the second page there is an option to view the loans included as well as an option to export the information to a spreadsheet. Additionally there is a global view and export options available at the top of this page.

Please let us know what you think about this new feature. We hope to use that feedback for improvements in future phases. Send feedback to

Title and HOI Order Emails

We have added the ability to send out emails to the Title and HOI agents associated with loan files. This functionality is available on the Loan Center page after the loan has been submitted to a lender.

The templates for these emails are available with the Email Templates settings to company admins.

Additionally for manual lenders, company admins may default the mortgagee clauses from Company Settings > Lenders:

Integrated system lenders' mortgagee clauses are defaulted automatically. Please reach out to if you notice any discrepancies.

Savable Pipeline Filters

We have added the ability for users to create and save pipeline filters for easily toggling between different views. This functionality is available from the loan pipeline view in the upper left corner. Users may click on the pipeline view drop-down and select from an option of predefined filters or from their own custom filters. 

Users may create new filters by clicking on the Create New Custom Filter link within the drop-down. A fly-out will appear where the user may select their desired filters and name their custom filter.

Let us know whether there are any filter options which currently are not available by sending feedback to

Editable Points on Review Fees Page

We have added the option for users to edit the final points on the loan file from the Review Fees page. There is a new button within the Origination Charges section which is labeled Rate Points. When clicking on this button a pop-up will appear where the user may enter the updated points.

New Display Information in PPE Results

We have added the full PITI and cash to close amounts in the pricing engine results. The PITI amount is located under the Monthly Amount column and the cash to close is available in the expanded closing cost details.

Additional Questions in POS

We have added two additional questions to the POS application to help the loan team to gain more insight into ther borrower's scenario.

The first question is "What is a comfortable monthly housing payment?" which is available to the primary borrower to enter. 


This answer will appear in the Setup Options within the loan file.


The second question is "What is your estimated credit score?" which is asked to each borrower.


The answer will appear within each borrower's information fly-out within the loan file.


Minor Features and Bug Fixes


Remove Dependency on Loan Amount and Property Value in Config

Previously, admins would be unable to collect the Loan Amount and not the Property value via the POS Config. We have removed this dependency and updated the POS UI.

Collect Months in Line of Work

We have added the months component for time in line of work to the POS.

Different Logos for Branches

Branch Admins may now update the branch settings to add alternative logos and names for branding purposes in the POS and communications with borrowers.

LO Landing Page

We have added the loan officer's information to the POS login and signup pages.

Handling VA Loans

We have fixed an issue where military borrower applications were not being updated to type VA.


Previous Borrower Address Missing on Printed 1003

We fixed an issue where borrowers' previous address was not mapping to the printed 1003 form.

Notes on Ordered Services in Loan Center

We have added the capability to add notes to the various services within Loan Center.

Borrower Reminders Enhancements

We have improved the borrower reminders which were introduced in release v1.35. The enhancements include:

  • The emails will be sent out at 11:00 am ET on weekdays instead of later in the evening
  • The emails may be disabled on a per loan bases, which is available towards the bottom of the Setup Options page

Preserve the Property Tax Amount

We have fixed an issue where the property tax amount entered in the loan file was not preserving in the pricing engine.

Additional Field Tags in Email Templates

We have added field tags for the profile image and for the subject property address, which may be used in the email templates, pre-approval letter config, and email signature settings.

Settings available to individual LO

Relevant settings have been made available to LO on read/only basis. LOs can look at his e-mails


Pre-Approval Experience

In release v1.35, we added functionality to customize the Pre-Approval Letter. There was an discrepancy in the experience when generating the pre-approval letter within the pricing engine. We have aligned the user's experience with this release.

DTI Warning for Pre-Approval

Previously, users would not be able to generate a pre-approval letter from the pricing engine if the DTI was too high. Since not every product follows the same guidelines, this would prevent a valid pre-approval letter from being generate. We have updated the functionality to instead warn the user when the DTI exceeds the vanilla maximum DTI.

Cash to Close Calculation on IFW

We have fixed an issue where the cash to close calculation was inaccurate after adjusting some values.

Disallow Duplicate Fees

We have fixed an issue to not allow duplicate fees in PPE Fees Worksheet.