ARIVE has robust Mortgage Call Report (MCR) functionality and can generate (relatively) easy to understand reports. To access this, mouseover the Reports dropdown at the top of the screen, then click Call Reports.

In the event you want to exclude loans with only pre-approval and credit import dates (and no TRID date), you can toggle these off when generating the report. You can also exclude investment properties. Make sure to do this for every applicable state.

The Generate as LO toggle is visible when a Company Admin is generating call reports. When turned on, this causes the report to only include loans where the Admin generating the report is the primary LO (just like it works when any LO who isn't an admin generates the MCR).

Select the states you want the report to include, select the Year and Quarter, and click Continue.

Now that the report has been generated, you can Export it.

Export XML exports an .XML text file.

Export All Data exports a .XLSX spreadsheet that is much more readable, and includes a tab listing all loan files included in the MCR and their attributes. If the numbers in your MCR don't look right, go to the Loans tab and use Excel's filtering functionality to drill down to which loan files are causing the discrepancies.

Any discrepancies in your generated MCR can be corrected by adjusting the numbers manually in the exported file before uploading to NMLS.

How to analyze (and update) what loans are included in what MCR code?

We have included a Help link inside the MCR call report that explains what loans are included 

This will explain what loans are picked up in what MCR Code, how to make updates to the loans if you are seeing loans are not picked up, and any additional conditions that you should be aware of in the MCR code.

To update the status of loan manually please see our support article Changing the Loan Status Manually.

Required Fields for Loans to be Included in the Report

The following fields should be properly set in the loan file to see them properly within the call report:
  1. Status and Status Dates (See the Date Tracking screen in the loan file)
    • Application Date (Respa 6)
    • Adverse Date & Reason
    • Funded and Closed Dates
    • Other status dates (Submit to lender, Underwriting etc.)
    • Current Loan Status
  2. Loan Amount
  3. Loan Purpose
  4. If the loan is a Refinance:
    • Refinance Purpose
    • Cash Out Amount
  5. Note Rate
  6. Loan Product (this is set via the Products & Pricing screen)
  7. Lender (this is set via the Products & Pricing screen)
  8. Occupancy (Primary Residence, Second Home, Investment etc.)
  9. Full subject property address with state
  10. Loan Officer (Setup Options screen)
  11. Lien Position
  12. Mortgage Type (Conventional, FHA, VA etc.)
  13. Housing Type
  14. Compensation Date (Loan Center)
  15. Compensation Amount (Loan Center)
  16. Compensation Payer (Loan Center)
  17. Broker Fee Amount