Call Reports Data

Call Reports data can be exported from ARIVE Next for submission to MCR.

To extract Call Reports data access the function from Tools --> Call Reports. This will ask you to select the specifications including Year, Quarter and State(s)

From resulting screen, you can review the Call Report data and make edits to it as desired before exporting and submission to NMLS. You can a) Export all the data in spreadsheet or XML format for all states b) export state-specific data-sets

The system generates last tab called "Loans" that includes all the loans that were included in calculations of call reports

How to analyze (and update) what loans are included in what MCR code?

We have included a Help link inside the MCR call report that explains what loans are included 

On clicking this will provide you with explanation of:

1. What loans are picked up in what MCR Code

2. How to make updates to the loans if you are seeing loans are not picked up

3. Any additional conditions that you should be aware of in the MCR code

To update the status of loan manually please refer to article Changing the Loan Status Manually. 

Loan must be in RESPA 6 complete for it to be picked up in Call Report