Release 1.30 will be available July 10th, 2020


New Features

Co-Borrower App Completion in POS

Previously only the main borrower had access to enter information within the POS, while additional borrowers were only able to upload documents to complete Client Needs. With this enhancement, we have added functionality for additional borrowers to enter their own information in the POS. 

There are two ways for additional borrowers to gain access to the POS to fill out their information:

    1. Users on the Loan Team may directly invite from the loan file:

    2. The main borrower on an application will be able to invite additional borrowers:

This feature will enable loan teams to handle more deals as the data entry for loans will be in the hands of the borrowers.

Borrower or co-borrower can authorize each other to complete their tasks / needs submissions

Switching Loan Purpose (Purchase vs Refinance)

Users will now be able to switch the loan purpose on files. This enables the loan team to correct any data entry mistakes or to switch if the borrower changes their mind.

You should confirm correctness of all data after doing the switch before working further on loan file.

Editing Fees in Pricing Results

Users working in the pricing engine will now be able to edit fees from directly within the pricing results. When hovering over the closing costs amount for a loan program, there will now be a "pencil" icon which may be clicked to open a flyout for editing fees. There's also a link for editing the fees after expanding the view for the closing costs.

Flex Term Product Search in Pricing Engine

Users working in the pricing engine will now be able to take advantage of flex term products for any lenders who offer these products. 

While working within the PPE, users may expand the "Advanced Options" section and when they select various "base terms", additional flex term options will appear. When selected products appear in the pricing results accordingly.

Generate Initial Fees Worksheet from the Loan File

We've added a print button to the Review Fees page, which allows users to generate an Initial Fees Worksheet (IFW) from within a loan file. This removes the previous need to have to run pricing each time users would want to generate an IFW.

NMLS Call Report Data Export Tool

We've added the functionality to be able to export your quarterly call report data. Company Admins will have access to the entire company's reports including loans for all loan officers, while loan officers will have the option to export their loan information. The loan status dates and MLO information should be correctly populated. 

This tool will be available within the Tools dropdown to generate Call Report Data

The system will also generate the raw loan-level information which is used to generate these report for broker to adjust for any discrepancies which may occur before filing. 

Minor Features and Bug Fixes


Company Admins may now select which compliance logo to use within the Organization Info settings.

Require at least One Phone Number from Borrowers

We are now requiring borrowers to input at least one phone number so that your team is able to contact them more efficiently when necessary.

Client-Facing Job Title

Loan Officers may configure their job title for displaying in the POS.

Lead Source and Borrower Narrative Fields Added to POS

We've added a few fields to enrich your borrowers' files. 


Assigned Loan Officer in Pipeline View

Users with access to loans for multiple loan officers will now be able to see the assigned loan officer directly in the pipeline view. They'll also be able to filter loans by loan officer.

Borrower List Syncing

We've added a sync button on borrower contact records to sync their data with most recent information from their loan file.

This syncing will automatically occur whenever a loan's final status is met - when a loan is moved into the Closed or Adversed status.

Handle HELOC Liabilities from Credit Reports

We've fixed an issue where HELOC liabilities were mapping into the system as revolving accounts.

Notifications to Users when Re-Assigning Loans

We've added a new email notification to let users know when they've been newly assigned to a previously existing loan file.

Cropping Tool for Profile and Company Logo Images

We've added a tool to help you center your profile photo and company logos.

Transaction Coordinator Business Contact

We've added a Transaction Coordinator option to Business Contacts.

Date Picker Widget

We've fixed an issue where the wrong date was being selected with the date picker widget.

Persisting Loan Pipeline Filters

We've added functionality so that pipeline filters will persist when returning back to the pipeline view.


Expired Pricing Indicator

We've added an indicator for expired pricing. This will help users know when pricing may no longer be accurate.

Display Estimated Cash to Close on Mortgage Quote

We are now including the Estimated Cash to Close on the Mortgage Quote which is available when "Comparing" loan products.

Escrow Waiver Fee Conditions

We've added a escrow waiver trigger to fee conditions within the Closing Costs configuration so that these fees populate only when they are escrowed.

More Term Options for Manual Lenders

Selecting various loan term filters within the PPE for Manual Lender products will now display a loan product for each term.

DTI in Pricing Results

We've added a DTI column in pricing results which will display how DTI varies between rate options when income and debts are entered on the loan file.

Coming Up .Next

Reminder Emails to Borrowers in the POS

Configuration options to automatically send reminder emails to borrower to either complete their loan application or to submit outstanding Client Needs items.

Customizable Emails to Borrowers and Agents, Custom Pre-Approval Letters

Options to customize the verbiage on the Pre-Approval Letter generated within the system.

Service Order Emails from Loan File

Templates to send to service providers.

Enhancements to Client Needs Generation

New options for being able to generate a need for individual assets, employment, and liabilities. For example, create a need to ask your borrowers to upload bank statements for each of their accounts.