Using the "..." action menu button in the upper right corner of a loan file, you can take various different actions.

Export the loan file as a 3.2 or 3.4.

Import a Borrower from a 3.2 or 3.4 to add another borrower and their 1003 info to the file.

Clone the loan, to make a copy of this loan file with a new loan number.

Takeover the application, locking the borrower out of the 1003. This prevents the borrower from editing their 1003 info through the Borrower Portal, the same way they are locked out after they fully complete the 1003 and click Submit Application.

You can view the Loan Summary, Processing Worksheet, view and edit the Loan Amount History, and view the Activity Logs or Email Logs.

Suspend the loan.

Adverse the loan.

Archive the loan.

Exporting a Loan

You can export a 3.4 directly as an .xml file, or if you run into errors with this (usually caused by your browser or antivirus) you can export the 3.4 in a .zip folder and then extract it.

There are 4 different options to select depending on what you are exporting the 3.4 for; Fannie Mae (DU / Lender), Freddie Mac (LPA), Doc Vendor Export, Registration Export.

Choose Registration Export if exporting the 3.4 to register with a lender. If you experience any problems with this, try Fannie Mae (DU / Lender) instead.

Suspending a Loan

Click Suspend Loan to suspend the loan. You can un-suspend a loan at any time.

Adversing a Loan

Click Adverse Loan to adverse the loan. You will be prompted to select the reason, which will determine which line this loan gets added to in the MCR. You will also be prompted to send email notification to the loan contacts, if you wish.

If you are a Company or Branch Admin, you can always un-adverse a loan at any time. If you are not an Admin, and your Admin has chosen to make Adverse loans Read-Only, you will need to ask your Admin to un-adverse a loan.

Archiving a Loan

Click Archive Loan to archive the loan. Archiving a loan hides it from your pipeline and causes it to not appear in any reports.

You can un-archive a loan at any time. To find an archived loan, you will need to either switch your pipeline filter to Archived Loans, or search for the loan in the search bar and enable Show Archived.

Loans can be archived to hide them from all pipeline views and call reports.  This is not deleting a loan, in the sense the loan can still be found and retrieved if needed.

Currently, it is not possible to fully delete a loan file from ARIVE. Archiving a loan file essentially functions as a soft delete.