All users have a customizable email signature that appears at the bottom of system-generated emails they send. To edit this, go to your User Settings > Email Signature. Then click the Edit button in the upper right corner.

Use the Add Information Tags button to add dynamic text that will populate based on your personal information, your company's information, and more (as entered in Personal Info and Organization Info). Information Tags in double curly brackets {{like this}} when editing your signature.

Click the More Misc button on the right side of the bar and then click Code View to view and edit your signature as HTML.

The signature that shows on Pre-Approval Letters you send out can also be customized in the same way, separately from your main Email Signature. To customize it, go to your User Settings > Pre-Approval Signature.

And of course, you can always click Reset to Default beside the Edit button if you want to start fresh again.

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