ARIVE uses a "seats" system.  Seats can be purchased and subsequently assigned to users.  The seats can be retained and swapped between users, should the user leave the company, for example.  A user without a seat, or with a seat of a lesser tier than needed, will be prompted to input payment information and upgrade their seat.  Seats can be purchased at the company or individual level on a monthly or annual subscription basis.  There are two seat types, and a non-del pricing model:

1.  Regular Users

Typical users - Loan Officers

A user with a Regular User seat has full access to our core LOS, POS, and PPE features, unlimited pricing requests, and access to our support team.

2.  Occasional Users

Typical users - Loan Officer Assistants, Processors

A user with an Occasional User seat has full system access, but will be limited in their allowed volume.  The intent is for support staff or less frequent users, such as LOAs and Processors, to access at this tier.  Such users have limited pricing requests, have a soft limit on their active loan pipeline, but retain most access to support features and functionality.

3.  Non-Delegated Correspondent Plan

Non-Del Correspondent Companies can contact us for Pricing of Non-Delegated Plans. Please contact to discuss your needs and options further.

Please note, all above costs are subject to relevant taxes, such as sales tax.